It’s 4:20am and an unsuspecting Friar has a few more precious minutes of sleep until the alarm rudely interrupts the stillness. Then suddenly, out of a dead sleep, YHC is awakened by a 12-lb feline clawing his way from the floor to the headboard, using Tuck’s forehead as a foothold on the way to the summit.

If you would like a free cat, please DM me on the Twitters.

After some first aid and an attempt to steal a few more minutes of sleep, the alarm did finally make itself known. Time to pull on the black garb, do some stretching, down a tall glass of water, and then out the door.

PAX of eight hungry men assembled amongst a small garden of kettlebells, with plenty to spare. Reader, if you have not previously joined us, there’s a bell waiting for you. It’s oddly gratifying to swing heavy metal in the small hours.

Time for The Blitz. Cat Scratch Fever style.



Seal Jacks x20 / Good Mornings x20 / Egg Beaters x10/side / Imperial Walkers x15 / Halfway around the World x10/side

Run down/up Rowan hill

Around the world x10/side / Side-swing catches x10/side

Move w/ Overhead Bells


1st Ladder – Curls x11 top / Goblet Squats x1, descending/ascending

Air Squats x15

2nd Ladder – O/H press x11 / Regular Squats x1, descending/ascending

Air Squats x15

3rd Ladder – Tricep Extensions x11 / Alt Lunges x1, descending/ascending


KB swings x20

Over Shoulder Swings x10/side

Single-arm swings x10/side

Side-swing Catches x10/side

KB swings x20


> Slow Curl burnout

> Bench press burnout



There is something so primitive and basic about swinging kettle bells in a circle of men. It’s dark. They’re heavy as heck. Not much mumblechatter because the bells just won’t permit it. It’s a terrible splendor. Thanks, brothers. Solid effort in the early January gloom.


  • F3Connect today at lunch. Gnobby’s your speaker, and he will spiel about Financial Fitness at Mia Francesca. #$1stF
  • Otherwise, All Quiet on the F3Raleigh Front.


  • Prayers requested for PinkSlip’s son. For John Risley, Green Beret. For Screech having shoulder surgery today. And for us all in every need whe have.

YHC drew from the Hebrew Scriptures, commending these wise words to the PAX:

“23 This is what the Lord says: “Let not the wise boast of their wisdom

or the strong boast of their strength

or the rich boast of their riches,

24 but let the one who boasts boast about this:

that they have the understanding to know me”

Jeremiah 9.23-24

We post in order to build physical strength. And we are strong. You are the strongest men I know.

But our strength is still limited. Some things we can’t lift.

Likewise, there are things in life we are not strong enough to handle or manage ourselves. They’re beyond our control or might. Our wisdom, our strength and our riches aren’t enough for every circumstance we face.

So, we have only one boast, and it is in the One whose wisdom, strength and riches are not limited. Brothers, make it your aim to have the understanding to know Him and rely on Him for all that you need today.