41 PAX members made the right choice on the first day of 2015 and joined their friends for a stroll around Fred Fletcher Park. Let’s see what you missed…(actual picture of Friar Tuck in his U2 shirt above)

Jog around the park and circle up in the field.


SSH, GM, Burpees (15), Mountain Climber, Burpees (15) #merlotmovement

Number off (One and Two):

Four Quarters:

Partner 1 – Run up and down the hill – One burpee each time you reach the top or bottom;
Partner 2 – Run the loop around the park.

Rinse and repeat – 4 times on the hill and the loop (#timekiller #planner)

Push-A-Rama – Merkins, Wide Arms, Diamonds, Carolina Dry Docks

The Death Star:

Five-Pronged Star with an exercise on each point of the star.
In five groups, gorilla crawl out, complete the exercise, bear crawl to the center:
Death Star Stations:

1) 15 burpees
2) star jumps x15
3) 15 burpees
4) jump ups x15
5) 15 burpees


All the PAX painting lines down one side of the parking lot.
Plank while you wait.
Then 15 Mericans in cadence
Repeato if time

COT – “All is quiet on New Year’s day. A world in white gets underway.”

These lyrics from the U2 song New Years Day paint a picture of starting fresh. Square one.

We can begin the new year with a fresh start. Spiritually, that means repentance. Turning away from the man we don’t want to be and asking God’s help to be the man that we want to be in the coming year. Aye.

Always an honor to spend the morning with each of you,
Friar Tuck/Denali