The New Year Kick Starter launch at Leesville Community Park was a big success this morning with 11 PAX total, including 2 FNG’s. The first work out of the 6 week (minimum) Kick Start set the stage for a great F3 2015.

The Thang: Run one loop around the parking lot and circle up for a warm up.

SSH x 20

Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 each way

Good Mornings x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Standard Merkin x 20


Run one loop around the parking lot and then Lunge Walk over to the benches for the following:

Dips x15, Urkins x 15, Step Ups x20

Dips x 20, Urkins x 20, Step Ups x 20

Dips x 20, Urkins x 20, Step Ups x 20


Another loop around the parking lot and to the bottom of the hill.

Burpee Broad Jumps half way up the hill

Bear Crawl the rest of the way up


Next was a Spiderman Crawl up the long ramp on the handrails followed by a long Bear Crawl back down. Hold plank at the end.

That felt so good we did it again.


Run half way around the parking lot to the brick wall for a set of Balls to the Wall.

BTTW for a 10 count then sprint to the island and back, stir and repeat.

People’s Chair for a 10 count, lower 6” for another 10 count.


On to the parking lot for Mary:

LBC x 20

Freddy Mercury x 20

American Hammer x 20

Slow Flutter Kick x 20



Prayers for Watsons loved one who is battling cancer. Birkenstock took us out with a prayer.


This was the first workout for the FNG geared workout. It was a great location and the venue worked very well. Encourage any absent PAX and FNG’s to come join the fun and Post Mondays at 6:00.



2015 new years illustration with christmas balls