17 PAX to first Zero Hour of the New Year.  Giddyup.

Run to far parking lot.  15 SSH, 15 Windmills, 15 Mericans, 15 Burpees, 15 Stop Mericans.

Run to gravel parking lot.  15 squats, 15 Incline Mericans, 15 Squats, 15 Quick Feet.

Myrtle notices a counting trend.

Run to bottom of Hill.  Partner carry up hill 3x with 15/10/5 burpees at top.

Run to volleyball courts.  Sand Suicides 2x with Peoples Chair recovery.

Run to shelter for Mary and pull ups.  Pull ups to failure plus 2 negatives.  15 LBC, Long Slow Flutter, 6″ Leg Hold, Freddie Mercury, and Hammers.

No announcements or spoken prayer requests.  Quiet at the dawn.  And so it begins.  May the New Year be good.