4 men wanted to get after this morning at anchortime. No reason to not post this morning as the weather was perfect. E-trade was in attendance though so maybe that drove numbers down. I trust there were approximately 40 people at Ball Bearings.

Warm Up:
YHC called on Mr Furley to slap everyone so that we could get our minds right. He did. We were warmed up. He was starting on round 2 before YHC called for partner carries
– Partner Carries down the entire ¾ mile stretch into 5 points. Switch as needed.

The Thang
Once in 5 points YHC called for various painstations but was ignored. It was Montessori style with guys going in all directions.
– Etrade broke into Lily’s Pizza (again), did 200 jumping lunges, and swallowed a pizza whole.
– Tiny Dancer scaled Hayes-Barton Baptist and crab-walked the entire roof.
– YHC knocked out 50x hand-stand push-ups on some overturned barbells that I found on Glenn, YHC’s shirt was off for what it’s worth.
– Mr Furley was AYG Backwards Running along white oak and whitaker mill when he backed straight into the all glass exterior of that one building that faces the intersection.
– Sufficient petty vandalism complete the pax partnered up for some partner wheelbarrows back to home base.
o Mid-wheelbarrow, a golf-cart, sufficiently padded, pulled out onto Fairview from St. Mary’s and gave YHC and Tiny Dancer a nice heat check. Should be incorporated into all future workouts to get the blood flowing.

Sensing we still had some time left on the clock and never one to be afraid of some #overtime, YHC instructed the pax to follow him down Fairview. We stopped at the 6th side street since side streets 7-9 are reserved for only the most violent workouts #inferno. Monkey Humpers till failure and then AYG back to the lot for COT.

Hardest part of the workout was when my heart rate shot to 200 when a small dog barked/lunged at me on my jog back home. I shrieked and jumped and then prayed that E-trade had at that point driven far enough away to not notice. I have a rep that needs to remain intact.

When you add it all up the pax covered approximately 3 miles, 200 or so merkin variations, 200 or so LBCs, and some squat jumps. Enjoyed it out there this morning with a quality crew and am glad others were there to push it with me this morning.
– Mr Bigglesworth and his wife welcomed their new daughter this past weekend.
– The Bull this weekend in Durham
– Wendell Gee is having a party April 8th at his home to celebrate 5 years of F3 in Raleigh. RSVP on the google docs.
– The April 2017 is FNG month. Every card-carrying dues paying member of F3 Raleigh has to EH (or attempt to EH) someone each week for the next month. The powers that be didn’t include it in the email this month but it is v official. Kotters are also included as a separate Kotters month would have been too much on the schedule.
o Awards are as follows for most FNGs EH’d during the month of April:
 1st place – You buy Postfontaine beer and pizza at Trophy.
 2nd place – Cinderella takes you out to dinner. Just y’all two, no kids. He’s gonna take care of the babysitter and everything. Drinks to follow.
 3rd place – You also buy Postfontaine beer and pizza, you choose the place though.