Find a partner and show up ready to roll for tomorrow’s installment of The Judge:


As a group, run the trail down past the amphitheater and veer left at the lake and follow the trail until the T intersection. Perform various warm-up exercises as a group.

Game Time

Part I:

Partner 1 takes off on the run up the hill to the Dojo and upon reaching the Dojo, commences AMRAP circuits of 10 derkins, 20 monkey humpers, and 30 LBC’s. In the meantime, Partner 2 completes 25 hand-release merkins and 25 sumo squat jumps and then runs to the Dojo to relieve Partner 1. Both partners return to the starting point and flapjack.

Complete the above two times (for those scoring at home, that means FOUR total ascents to the Dojo and back per Pax).

After returning to the starting point, run on the the trail (the long way, going clockwise around the lake) back to the amphitheater.

Part II

Starting from the Mosh Pit, Partner 1 does Lebrons up the stairs and runs into the marble-like surfaced parking lot and then up trail into the upper parking lot. Upon reaching the parking lot, Partner 1 completes 10 burpee star jumps and returns to the Mosh Pit to relieve Partner 2, who has been completing AMRAP circuits of 20 merkins and 20 prisoner squats. Flapjack.

Repeato AMRAP until time is called. The most rounds completed in Part II determines the trophy recipient.