EC: Run to the top of the deck, Paint the lines between 2 of the concrete dividers with a burpee at the top of each line.  After all PAX finished, line up at the last divider.  Run to next divider, do 5 star jumps, run to next divider, 5 star jumps, run to last divider and do 5 star jumps.  Run back to beginning and do 5 star jumps at each divider as you pass them again.  Repeat with 10 LBC’s at each divider, then with 5 merkins at each.  Run back down the ramps to pick up the rest of the PAX.

Give a quick disclaimer, then hit the ramps again.  Run to the top of the deck, mixing in backwards run on the inclines and karaoke on the flats.  Circle up at the top for Warm up.

Warm Up:  SSH x 20, Windmill x 15, Fazio Arm Circles forward x 7, reverse x 7, Merkins x 10, Mountain Climber x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15.  Mosey down the stairs to the bottom of the ramp.

The Thang: Partner up at the bottom of the ramp for bear crawl burpee chase.  Partner A bear crawls up the ramp, Partner B does 4 burpees, runs to partner then flapjack, all the way to the top of the deck, run down stairs and plank.  Then, normal burpee chase up the ramps x 2, at the top of the ramps the first time partners do a combined 50 hand release merkins, plank and wait for the rest of the PAX after the 2nd ascent.  Mosey down the stairs and over to Belks parking lot.  Partner A runs to Low Clearing crossbar, does 5 pullups runs back while Partner B does nippler, Flapjack.  Repeato with 15 squatjumps and wall sit.

Mary:  WW2 Situps x 25, Dying Cockroach x 20, Freddy Mercury x 15, American Hammer x 15

COT / Announements / Prayers and Cinderella took us out