A record 56 PAX gathered for Monday’s Fetzer workout to grunt and sweat and strain and, most importantly, to give a proper send-off to our brother Lo Pair, who undergoes surgery Tuesday. The brotherhood has been inspired and humbled by Lo Pair’s showing of courage and fortitude in his six-month fight against cancer. By all accounts he’s winning the battle, and Tuesday is the next step. Godspeed, brother.

Anticipating a large turnout Monday in the gloom, Site Q Shooter recruited Coco as co-Q and after a warmup (SSH, IW, Prisoner Squats, Arm Circles, Merkins, CCD and Mountain Climbers), we split into two groups.

Shooter’s group ran Four Corners around the IM soccer field in front of Carmichael Arena while Coco’s group circled up in the middle of the field.

Coco put his charges through 50 burpees, 100 merkins and some bear crawling for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Shooter’s unit ran from one corner to the next a total of three round trips, stopping at each corner for some combination and varied counts of mountain climbers, merkins, CDD, LBCs, Freddie Mercurys and prisoner squats.

Then the groups flipped, with Coco’s group running the Four Corners and Shooter leading a circle of a merkin pyramid (1 up to 10 and down again) and a series of double, triple, quad and quintuple Secret Burpees (special sauce of added merkins, Parker Peters and Side Shuffle Hops).

We had time for a half dozen exercises of Mary, one of them led by Dr. Riggs, one of the founders of the F3 Durham group from the fall of 2012 who was visiting from Toronto, where he’s doing a residency before returning back to Durham this summer.

T-caps for FNG Hamm-Bone (an ad man and unfortunately Draper was taken) and to an F3 visitor from Atlanta (name escapes, too early and too many faces to account for). And of course War Babies Braveheart (age 10) and Iceman (13).