Pax of 5 showed for a Disney beat down. Mickey’s FB pic must have been intimidating to scare off some. We blasted off at 5:31 AM and here’s how the pain took place.

Warm Ups
Jog down and up hills on the way to parking lot near high school
SSH x20
Preachers Seat maracan night club x20
Slalom x20

The Abyss (8 flights of stairs)
Jog Down to bottom
Hop back up to top
Jog down then partner up
Wheelbarrow to top then jog back down to switch

Ring around the stairs like bears
Each person starts on a platform, 5 merkins on my down, then bear crawl to next platform, 5 merkins, continue down and then back up until we reach a full circle (80 total push ups). This one was a killer.
Recover with WWII’s at top of stairs x20

Disney Survivor Sprint
Sprint to mid field 5 burpees then backwards sprint to start 4 burpees, 3, 2, 1
LBC’s AMRAP when done
Belly down on ground, sprint full length approx. 100 yds when QIC shouts “GO”
Repeat coming back for another 100 yds
Repeat to mid field and back
Slide hops switching at mid field
Race back to finish; Final 100 yd dash
Pikachu and Pilgrim were neck and neck until the last 5 yds. Looked like Pilgrim turned off the gas.

Low slow flutter x20
Slow count reverse LBC’s x20
Heel taps x20

Announcements – Bible studies tonight and tomorrow, U-turn on Saturday
Prayer requests – Pikachu’s wive for better health, Crab legs for health concerns as well

Congrats to Pikachu on taking home the Disney Sprinters Cup! Trophy has been held in Banana Seats home for last 6 months from the Nutcracker 500. Thanks for pushing it today men. This workout was designed to suck and it lived up to it. Had fun at Disney while it lasted, no fast pass required today.

It was an honor to bring the pain today men! BS