Here is how it is going down tomorrow:

Meet in-between Panera and Starbucks in North Hills @ 5:29:45.
– SSH x 10ish
– Good Mornings x 8-10
– King David Leg Kicks x 10-12
We’ll be running to destinations approximately .8 – 1.2 miles away. When you arrive at said destination start doing the following exercises and continue to repeat this cycle:
– 20 merkins
– 20 LBCs
– 20 Prisoner Squats
Every 10 minutes we’ll head off for the next destination. So, if you want to push yourself, you can motor to each location at 5 minute pace and do 5 minutes of exercise. Or, run slow and arrive just in time to keep running to the next destination with no exercises. Maybe do some of the intervals hard and some easy, I don’t know. You can make this one as hard or as easy as you want… like any F3 workout I guess.
– Lassiter Mill Park
– Intersection of Scotland and Transylvania via Scotland
– Entrance to North Hills Park via Alleghany/Yadkin
– North Hills Club parking lot via Yadkin
– Starbucks/Panera parking lot via Yadkin/Northbrook