• Who knows what is in store when you show up for F3?

The Thang:

  • Warm up run around Pullen Park’s lake
  • SSH x 20
  • Non planned appearance of two FNG’s….who fortunately left the F3 site before being given their new F3 name.    I don’t think they really wanted to get their heart rate up by exercising as while one did start helping out with this Q’s pace count (his timing was slightly off), and the other entered the inner circle with me, other than shouting expletives back and forth, they  never really showed the proper form on any of our warm ups.  Things did get real interesting when the Ms. chunked a brick at the Mr., who then proceeded to throw out threats normally heard in Dirty Harry movies.  Much credit goes to Howard and “Sir” Fazio for diffusing what was graduating to a possibly dangerous level.  Do  note, that this Q had already altered his planned F3 workout, and was prepared to place long distance sprints in the mix should a feared hog-leg get pulled out of Mr.’s bag.  I have heard of several definitions of F4, but never considered “Fighting” and/or “Fleeing” being one of them!
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Alternating Windmills x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • “Sir” Fazio Arm Circles 7/side….then  Mosey to the Carousel and split into 2 Groups

Group 1 stair hop to the very top of 5 sets of stairs, then run back

Group 2 Decline Merkins until Group 1 returns…then switch

Group 1 stair hop to the very top of 5 sets of stairs, then run back

Group 2 Erkins until Group 1 returns…..then switch….then Mosey to the Pavilion and find a bench

  • Dips x 15
  • Pistol Squats x 10 per leg
  • Seated Leg Lifts x 15
  • Repeat this set 2x…..then

Mosey down the half pipe to the rock pile with instructions to pick up small rock and proceed to tennis courts

  • Suicides carrying your rock (PAX were specifically told to get a small rock), touching the rock to the ground on each of the six stops per suicide…..this was repeated 3 times with much needed 10-counts called out per suicide
  • Mummy Carry Sprint to far end of tennis court and back with what was told to be your small rock….then

Mosey back to the ticket office for Mary

  • LBCs x 25
  • Rosalitas x 25
  • WWII Sit Ups x 25
  • Planned Sarkosys and Putins never happened at the request of WD and seconded by Sub WD-Q


The moleskin

  • Sub WD-Q thanks Wilson, Tater Tot and White Shoe for their help in cadence calls and runs when yours truly Q got winded…is hard at times being 48 and hollering out cadence
  • Thanks to all PAX who subtly mentioned the warm up run is meant to be a Mosey not a Sprint…this Q will be a better man from this needed mentoring
  • Should a future Q need a fellow PAX to take over cadence during future workouts, have you ever heard anything louder than Tater-Tot calling out cadence?
  • “Sir” Fazio is a F3 Mentor to many, including this Q.  Yesterday however showed that even “Sir” Fazio either doesn’t listen to Q instructions, has an internal level of ego not outwardly shown or simply has an internal size barometer of the word small whose scale exceeds the average PAX’s.  However, it must be said that “Sir” Fazio, when presented with his chosen rock that exceeds his normal ability to manage during the above mentioned Suicides and Mummy Carries, does not resort to the Wilson strategy that can only be referred to as the “Switch of Shame”;  which having been exhibited at a past True Grit, has forever endeared Wilson into F3 Lore with his Pseudo Name that can’t be mentioned in official F3 dialogue….other than to say it begins with P and ends with Y.