Men – in 30 days, 50 of us will be walking into the mouth of the beast they call the GRC. I wanted to send a few quick updates:

  • Registration – if you have not registered with GORUCK, you must do so by 7/8 so we can get a final head with GORUCK. You will also sign your only waiver.
  • Gear – for those that haven’t picked up your rucks, you should and start getting use to the weight. I’m not saying you need to hit WIB with it, but don’t put it on for the first time on 8/2. GOP will modify it for you but expect a 36-48 hr. turnaround. There are also plenty of articles on gear selection on F3.
  • Training – there are multiple training opportunities that include: a) Mix Master on Mondays at 5:30 am with a roster of cadres waiting for you b) Fridays with Dora and company.
  • Convergence – with everyone spread out we will have a convergence on Saturday 7/13 6:30AM at the Mothership (Sewlyn Backdoor) and a coffeeteria to follow. More details to follow, mark your calendars.
  • Your Info – I will look to assign a battle buddy and looking to pair you all up with someone your own size. Action: please email me at with your full name, F3 name, region, and weight.
  • Team Coupon – We will keep the tradition alive and will carry the infamous OBT sandbell.
  • F3 patches – many of you have asked, they are on order and you will receive them the day of the event and not a moment sooner. GORUCK Tough Patches awaits you at the end.

And finally, for those that are on the fence, there is still time and we would love to have you join us. Registration deadline is 7/8 (you know who you are). Email ( or direct message on Twitter (@redtornado74) with questions.  I hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July.

Red Tornado