Where:  Garner Magnet High School AO site: Schoolhouse (2101 Spring Dr. Garner NC)
When:  May 22nd 2021, 7:00-10:00 am
What:  CSAUP (Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless)is defined as “…something we do not in spite of their difficulty, stupidity and pointlessness, but because of those things.” (Freed to Lead, p. 106)
Why: “Yep. That’s really stupid. Let’s do it.” As F3 PAX we need to do tough things together, lock shields and push each other physical and mentally. As a JOCOGA PAX we have wanted to start a CSAUP in our region to bring together guys from all surrounding regions to join together to create new friendships and connections with other F3 PAX. I personally have seen how doing something this stupid and difficult with other men creates a bond that can’t be recreated.  Whether it be a Ruck event, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Ultra marathon, Blue Ridge or Tuna relay, other local CSAUP events the bonds that are formed and memories that are made help make the benefits of F3 stick for good. 

What: We will begin at Garner Magnet High School, head to Garner recreational park (2.3 Miles), South Garner Park (2.7 Miles), Garner’s Veteran’s Memorial GTR AO (2.1 Miles), Timber Drive Elementary Black Sheep AO (1.5 Miles), and back to Garner Magnet High to the Race finish (2.5 Miles).  It’s a 11 mile course with 5 beatdowns led by a variety of Q’s from nearby regions.(Total Run may be anywhere between 11 to 13 miles depending on if you are going back for the six)

There is no option for the Ruckers this year for the PAX but may be added in the future.

Cost: Donation only this year, please help if you can to assist with some of the cost of the event for supplies and the remainder as part of a fundraiser for Harbour Shelter (Johnston County Based Shelter for victims of domestic violence).You will be receiving a finisher railroad spike and some fuel and hydration possibly so please consider donating.  Cash will be accepted at the event and we could have the possibility of an online option if desired.  
Who:  The Completely Stupid – Those Pax who run the course and participate in the beatdowns at each AO, the only 
 The Support Team – It’s going to be a tough day and won’t be possible without PAX that are willing to help by providing support by driving and biking from AO to AO. Assisting with water stations between and at each AO are something we all count on. We are large particle men and we don’t let Pax fall through the Sifter.  Pax may need assistance, due to heat or injury, and the Support Team is essential in pulling off this effort. Finally The Support Team helps with recording final run times.
AO Qs – 5 workouts at the F3 JOCOGA AOs.  

Schoolhouse 1: JOCOGA’s Bouche’

Garner Station 2:   Raliegh’s Yoda

South Garner Park 3:   ENC’s Gazelle

GTR (Garner Veteran’s Memorial) 4: SouthWake Midget for life

Schoolhouse 5: F3 Stretch or TBD.

Iliad Reminders
– Begin and finish at Garner Magnet High school– Stay Hydrated!- There will be coolers transported and stationed along the route and at each of the AO’s. When you arrive to an AO, grab a drink but lets keep things cleaned up. Leave the site better than when you arrived.  – Listen to Your Body- Support Team Pax will be available for picking up PAX. Watch out for each other, stay alert on the roads.- Be Aware of your Surroundings! We will be running on the road and while we usually will have sidewalks let’s make sure we watch out for traffic and try to stay in groups.- 12 Minute Mile Max (Runners) until the next AO workout will begin.We plan to wait for the six before the workout begins but there will be a 12 minute/mile max. If the six is not at the AO by the 12 minute per mile time, the workout will begin, giving the six an opportunity to catch up to the PAX while being conscientious of total time.- Show Respect for your Brother that is Still Competing- Listen up for the Qs direction. After you get something to drink, show respect for those still competing by holding plank, Balls to the Wall, Al Gore, etc.- AO Qs will hold you accountable.- There is No “I” in F3: Make sure that no man is left behind. There will be at least two people at the six at all times.  Support each other. 

The Golden Nail (Yours to keep and hand down to future generations of your family)There is only 1 part where this will become a competition, the last run after we have finished 4 of the 5 AO’s. It is at the very end. The final run will be a 2.5 mile run back to Garner Magnet High School. The winner of the overall and respect (50+) division of this section gets the coveted Golden Nail.  There will be 2nd and 3rd place for each overall and Respect categories as well. (If your F3 brother’s seeing you sandbagging the workouts to save up for the last run, we will call you out)
All finishers will be getting a coveted hammered railroad spike as well to remember your accomplishment for years to come. Use it as a paperweight to brag to your co-workers about the crazy thing you did over the weekend. There will also be Golden Nails given to the BEST DRESSED and BEST MUSTACHE as well so keep that in mind in your preparations in the weeks to come. 

In the end this whole thing will suck, it will be really hard. The goal is to finish and struggle while we do it. We are all grateful for the opportunity to get out and push our bodies and minds. We need to remember to be there not only today for our fellow PAX but from that day forward. 

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.”― Theodore Roosevelt

“Know that your life matters to many; so do good work, laugh every day, and press on!”  -Nelson Cooper (Late F3 original Nantan PapaSmurf)