In a non-chalant, passive way, as he normally does, Squirts made a comment the previous week that, as the title suggests, “Freddie Mercury Ain’t Got No Abs”.

I had been thinking about a Queen/Freddie Mercury themed workout for a while, and knew that it was too good to let it pass. Unfortunately, because of some light rain, Squirts, and a number of regular posters, did not show up, but 10 PAX joined in for the fun.

The Thang:

Warmup: Sir Fabio Arm circles 10x each way, Good Mornings Oyo, Windmill x 15
Mosey to lower parking lot 
Can’t Stop Me Now: Set of 11s w/ Star Jumps & quick feet 
Mosey to lowest end of parking lot 

Fat Bottomed Girls: Squat pyramid ascending by 5, after 3 sets, 5 burpees Oyo. Total up to 30. Then returned down the pyramid doing 5 burpees after 3 sets. 
Complete the parking lot loop and return towards the start of the 11s 

Under Pressure: Pax partner up and each pair picks 1 rock. Partner 1 performs AMRAP curls, partner 2 runs to a tree at the end of the parking lot and back. The number of reps performed by partner 1 is target for partner 2. Partner 2 tries to do more reps than partner 1. Each partner completes 2 rounds. Curls, Tricep extensions, rut rows.
Mosey to parking deck 

Bohemian Rhapsody: Left-right step ups, irkins, and dips, rotating 15 reps throughout the song. 
Bicycle Race: Oyo Freddie Mercury’s

COT: Monday’s Q was one of four for the week as YHC celebrates 3 years in the gloom. I wanted to make this workout challenign but enjoyable to represent how much fun I’ve had out at F3 workouts and how creative some PAX can be when planning a workout.