Charlotte Hornets Jacket

Great morning to be out in the Gloom.  Gentle breeze blowing, tomatoes back on site to provide additional motivation (or distraction), and 13 pax on hand to share in the fun.  The Q decides it’s a good day to roll out some oldies, which many of the pax got to enjoy for the first time.

The Thang:

Mosey from main parking lot to field at upper parking lot. 

  • Warmup/COP:  Mericans, Arm Circles (of the Order Fazio), Windmills, SSH’s
  • Cackalacky Choo-Choo:  each man goes down the line twice, with 10-count group plank hold at end for good measure

Head down hill through park to Carousel picnic shelter: Derkins x 10, Dips x 10, Single leg squat x 10 (each leg) – Repeato

Jog around lake to Pain Island and introduce some of the Pax to a new friend, Mr. Jack Webb.  YHC initially calls to go to 5, but Pax enjoys his company so much, we opt to go to 7.

Continue around lake to curved steps: Quick feet x 15, Mini Jump Ups x 15, Irkins x 10 – Repeato

Head over to Ampitheater for an abbreviated Ark Loader: bear crawl, crab walk, duck walk

Finish up at Playground with 4 MOM:  Crunchy Frogs (aka Jane Fondas) x 15, Alternating Cross Body Crunch x 20, Low Plank Hold around circle for 3 counts each


Wrap up with 1-minute plank hold for White Shoe during which we close in prayer  #SpiritualEfficiency


  • During run to the upper lot, Pax passes the tomatoes returning to their clipboarder.  One tomato wishes the pax a bright and perky “Good Morning!”  Stunned at encountering an actual talking tomato, Pax responds with some mumble-chatter without making eye contact.  Just like being back at Culbreth Junior High – good times.
  • Fresh off a condensed yet highly-impactful Q-school experience with the Old Guard from Charlotte, YHC provided a brief recap/instruction on the F3 method of cadence counting exercises before launching into the workout.  Pax was a quick study and did a great job of executing throughout the rest of the workout – also held the Q to the standard set at the beginning.  #Accountability  #Teamwork  #AttentionToDetail
  • Au Pair unveiled a prototype F3 sarong.  The pattern was something akin to watching the Little Mermaid through a kaleidoscope while partaking in a controlled substance.  Ask him for a demo. 
  • Slash unveiled a signature move to accompany his F3 name.  Ask him for a demo as well.  On second thought, don’t – he might hurt himself.  On third thought, do – this may warrant a renaming. 
  • Surprised that Fazio is not getting more play as a possible name for Kate and Willie’s new arrival, although it would be a big burden for that youngster to carry.
  • Continued prayers to White Shoe & MWhite Shoe during the healing process
  • New Workouts: 

Hi-Fidelity launches tomorrow (7/24) at Martin Middle School @5:45am:

Catalyst launches Saturday, August 3rd at Carroll Middle School @7am:

See you in the Gloom.  Aye!