Two dozen Pax arrived to Shelley Lake on time, just itching to front load their week’s downpainment.  Abacus showed up just early enough to be the second to arrive for his debut Q and drop off some props at their designated site.   The workout started promptly at 5:45 am.

Time is a theme here.  A lot of exercises. Some will be completed. Others will be shelved.  Time, though, accommodates no one.

Warm Up:

Windmills x20, Squat x20, High Knees x30, SSH x20, Merkins x20, Burpees x10.  Blithely jog Shelley’s magnificent trail to the parallel bars for a little four-way action.

Tha Thang:

Because twenty-four is perfectly divisible by four, count off to assemble four even groups of six Pax. Now, send the kids to their stations for self-guided earning.

Rotation #1 – everyone goes through once

  1. 60 second People’s Chair (2 sets). Groups rotate when station this group completes both sets.
  2. Inverted Rows on the parallel bars – AMRAP sets.
  3. Derkins – AMRAP (Your partner’s back supplies a convenient elevated plane)
  4. Broad Jumps – AMRAP

Depart for Rotation #2 –

Everyone seems pretty jolly still, and the workout is going according to plan…sort of.  The Pax hop, skip, and jump on over to Venice Beach (also known as “the chin-up bars and picnic tables”).  Pause and fall into Plank position for 45 seconds to tighten up the group.  Complete 15 wide merkins.  Continue to Venice Beach.

Rotation #2 – everyone goes through once

  1. Box Jump + Incline Merkin Combo – sets with declining reps with a ratio of 1 jump : 2 merkin.  That is, 10 jumps : 20 merkins, 9 jumps : 18 merkins, 8 jumps : 16 merkins down to 1 jump : 2 merkins.  When this group finishes, rotate.*
  2. Close Grip Chin-up + Wide Grip Pull-up – partners switch out completing sets of 8, assisting one another if necessary.
  3. PVC Arm Farm – partners share a PVC pipe for bicep curls and triceps extensions in sets of 8.  How it Works: each partner provides the other with resistance to achieve just the right burn.
  4. Buddy Squats – just like it sounds. Saddle up and crank out sets of 5.

FUDGE CRACKERS! We’re over time!

Take the show over to the soccer field, and circle up for a little trust.


Naked Moleskin

  1. Like most crafts, Q’ing must be perfected.  Takeaways:
  • Group cohesion: Counts need to be precise in terms of demanding whole group cohesion.  Get it right. Get it tight. (word to Bubba Sparxxx)
  • Let ‘Em Know: Nothing wrong with a brief demonstration.
  • Correct the mistakes:  If a brother’s form is not as it should be, coach him up.  You’ll save him from a mechanical failure in the future; he’ll maximize what he takes from an exercise and do the same for anyone else he teaches.
  • Right on Shhhedule: Know what exercises to cut, which ones to adapt to timetable, and finish on time.  Maintain the structure of a workout; start and finish an F3 workout proper.
  • It’s All Sunshine And Rainbows: Enjoy yourself, man.

2.  Former FNG father-son tandem, Mason Dixon and Mozart, are looking for participants in a triathlon. More details to come on that.

3.  Appreciate the timekeeping Tecumseh.  It appears you are more proficient with a clock than I.  For those who weren’t there, most interactions sounded a little something like this:  <Tecumseh> Hey, Abacus, we should rotate. <Abacus> No worries. We got this. There’s twenty minutes left. (There were 5…)