I have. Except MacGruber. No bear would complain that much.

Warm Up: SSH x25, Imperial Walker x20, Good Morning x15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x10, King David Kicks x15, jog to the tennis courts.

The Thang:

The Court:

  • Bear Crawl Suicides: Bear Crawl out to outside line of first court, back, out to outside line of second court, back. x3 + x1 Crab Walk Suicide
  • Hindu Merkin, Wide Grip Merkin, Diamond Merkin x10 between each suicide
  • Rest in peoples chair.


  • Jog to the bottom of Sisyphus, Sprint to the top, plank.
  • Jog back to the bottom of Sisyphus, Indian run to the top, plank.

Picnic Tables:

  • Incline Merkin, Plyo Merkin, Dip, Box Jump, Pull Ups – x15 Each, then x10 Each


  • V-Ups x20, LBC x30


  • Prayers for Dufresne
  • 3rd F dinner next week. SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME!