6 toed the line at Martin MS for a little bit of track work on the Ides of March.  Little mumble chatter as we are still adjusting to DST… is it really necessary?  This energy guy is becoming skeptical.  But, on to the workout

1 mile warm-up jog around the track.  We were surprised to see the return of the friendly neighborhood mom bootcamp now that the weather has warmed.

Circle of Warm-up stretches (standard issue)

  • Good Mornings x16
  • Imperial Walkers x 16
  • WindMills x 16

To the line for the main set

  • 4 x 800 @ 10k pace with 400 recovery (and regather)  [insert history of Julius Caesar and the Ides of March]
  • 4 x 400 @ 5k pace with 400 recovery (and regather)
  • 3 x 200 @ Mile pace (maybe faster) with 200 recover

No cool-down, time was called


  • 6.4 miles of #GoodLivin today
  • Most intervals were run TOO fast… as is the tradition with HiFi (and testosterone).
  • Touted as a “one-hour work-out” on a triathlon site I follow, I had to trim the original plan from 6 x 800 to 4 x 800, we stopped short on the 200 set, and never got to the 3 x 100 section.  They must run faster than I do…
  • Great to see the pax out on this pleasant March morning.