SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x25

Good Mornings x 25

Mountain Climbers x 25


The Thang:

The PAX got their game face on getting ready for March Madness.  After a quick jog to the picnic shelter, PAX experienced an entire bracket’s worth of groaning…
Round 1: 64 Air Squats

Round 2: 32 Burpees

Sweet 16: 16 Merkins

Elite 8:  8 Box Jumps

Final 4: 4 Pullup on the cross beams (Over Time: PAX did an extra 4 Pullups)

Championship Round: 2 Balls to the wall shoulder press…  Q was told this exercise is very similar to descending testicles…


What do winners do?  They take a victory lap around the park… PAX did so well in the tourney, they got invited to the NIT…  hey look, a pile of rocks…


Round 1: 32 curls

Round 2: 16 shoulder presses

Round 3: 8 bent over rows in cadence

Round 4: 4 Heavy Jack Webb’s… J5 will add a rock to any exercise.

Round 5: 2 somethings… I think it was 2 long count heavy 6 in leg holds…  see above comment about J5


Winners finished the lap around the park back to the flag for a little Mary.


Payback was handed out as the Q called Box Cutters, PAX and Q were smoked but we finally made it to 51.



MudRun 4-30

Wendell Ninja Mudrun sometime in April


Prayer Request were lifted up and PAX went forth to conquer the day.