It was the perfect morning for a good ole St Patty’s Day #Beatdown at BO. As the PAX arrived it was easy to tell who had laid out their clothes the night before as green was prominent on most guys. YHC, though, clearly won best dressed donning the green knickers, shirt, hat, and socks. Yes, my outfit was laid out well in advance of this beatdown. Ever since #Warbaby I knew dressing up (or down in baby’s case) was an unspoken acceptable practice.

So with the lead leprechaun carrying his bag o’ gold the 14 PAX…oh hey Term Paper…15 PAX took off starting with an Indian run to our warm up spot.

Circle up…oh hey Grease! 16 PAX.

Warm Up

  • 10 Penalty Burpees (#YoureLate)
  • 17 Penalty Merkins (#NoGreen)
  • Good Morning IC X 10 (#SignatureMove)
  • SSH IC X 17 (Calli gets it)
  • Sumo Squats IC x 17
  • Dips IC x 17

The Thang

The Rainbow

  • Time to go over the rainbow, fellas.  Head to the bottom of the hillside and count off 1s and 2s.  1s run up the hill across the stairs down the other side touching the fence and back
    2s perform a “colorful” excercise.  Each exercise is a 20 count.
  • R – Ranger Merkins
  • O – One legged Burpees (10 each leg)
  • Y – Yerkins…  OK I had to make it up.  Merkins down the hillside with legs apart in shape of a Y.
  • G – Gorrilla Humpers (it’s in the lexicon look it up)
  • B – BTTW (10 count each PAX)
  • I – Irish Jig… Had to make it up too.  Little man jumping jack position with heel clicks on the jumps
  • V – V Up Roll Up

The Four Leaf Clover

  • Now move to the parking lot and count off into 4s
  • Each group sprint to your designated parking lot median, bear crawl the backside, run back
  • Upon your return do 10 merkins and 4 Little Man Jumping Jacks.
  • At each clover leaf increase your LMJJ x 4 (so do 4, 8, 12, 16)
  • Head back to the wall for another set of Dips IC X 17
  • Indian Run back with the pot o gold


  • Dolly x 10 IC
  • Rosalita x 10 IC
  • Heels to Heaven X —
  • Dying Cockroach x 10 IC


Prayers for Burt’s cowork’s son, Grease’s family, and Disco’s family.  YHC took us out.

  • Dressing up is fun and was actually quite comfortable working out in knickers.  I must be Irish!
  • Dressing up in a diaper is not fun for all of the other PAX.  #trust.
  • If you want to enrage Ma Bell I found his kryptonite.  The dude hates one legged burpees.  I know I know, who doesn’t right?  Usually you don’t hear him vocalize his hatred though.  As Q it was nice.
  • OK, no more BTTW on that fence.  It was probably OK for Burt and Banjo but that was about it.
  • Beaker taught me you can make anything out of a merkin.  #Yerkin.
  • You don’t really get to chatter as much when Q.  I miss it everytime I’m the Q.  I have to spend all my time repeating how many of each exercise we are doing.  Am I really that bad at communicating?  The Pax would say, “yes.”
  • I didn’t have to stop for gas on the way home.
  • When’s the next time we get to dress up!?!?!?
  • Can we start having themed workouts?
  • Example:  “American Gladiators”, “Favorite Movie Character”, “80’s” etc.  Who’s in??

Final thought
I wanted to mention something in the COT but forgot so I’ll share it here, it’s pretty short…

I’m pretty naive and lacking when it comes to Bible verses.  I do, however, listen to a lot of Christian music.  So I’m listening to one of my favorites the other day by Jeremy Camp called “Same Power”.  The chorus (in summary) says:

“The same power that rose Jesus from the grave,
Lives in us, He lives in us”

I thought, wow that’s some good lyrics!  So I Googled it to read more and among the lyrics was a link to Romans 8:11.  The reason these lyrics are so powerful is because they came from the Bible.

The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you.  Romains 8:11

I thought that was pretty awesome and, being Easter time, pretty powerful words.  We have that same Spirit in us to do amazing things in our lives.  Lets take advantage of that and use it to glorify God and know He is with us.  We can do all things through Christ.  Let’s live out our daily lives with that confidence and awareness!!

See ya in the gloom.