I said I’d bring a little Dawn Patrol to the Judge… I guess I brought more than intended. Like standing in a different spot in the parking lot to gather, having a warm-up (albeit small), holding COT out in the park (not in the parking lot), and taking a knee for the prayer. AGHAST! Say it isn’t so! Well, YHC was never much of a rule follower. Everyone dealt with it, and somewhere between all that formality, we held a workout. Solid crowd of 21, including 1 FNG.

Disclaimer was given for our new guy and we all circled up.

Unsanctioned Warm-Up
20x SSH20x Mtn. Climbers

Run down the path to the top of the BFW (Big Freakin Wave). Where the workout was described as such: 3 stations, with 3 exercises each, along a half mile circuit. Simple. Wake up, hit the beach, surf, rinse and repeat. Think of it as an endless summer but with pain. Each lap you get to do 2 fewer reps. Start with 20x, then 18x, 16x, 14x, and for YoYo and Denali, 12x, 10x, etc.

Wake-n-Bake at The Dojo
20x Morning Wood (Feet Elevated Homer to Marge) ***Denali’s favorite (after arm circles)***
20x Dips
20x Squats

Run down the boardwalk heading slightly right toward the big light pole, then bear slightly left onto the trail that heads toward the amphitheater. Stop at “the beach” (grassy spot on right, just before trail intersection, beside the pond.)

Wax Yer Board (TWSS) at The Beach
20x Dry Docks
20x Star Jumps
20x Merkins

Continue running up the path to the BFW (Big Freaking Wave).

Surfs Up at the BFW  ***Crowd Pleaser****
Bear crawl up the wave with 2 stops along the way, and one at the top:
20x Flutter Kicks (L+R=1) (third of the way up)
20x Hammers (L+R=1) (second third of the way)
20x Aquamans (L=1, R=2, etc) (thank Mr. Tuck for these – demo provided)

Bail out off the back of the BFW and run home to The Dojo. There’s a party waiting for you and it’s called Rinse and Repeat. In your half baked state, don’t forget to reduce your count by 2 each lap.

At 0610 the whistle blew, and YHC called everyone to the top of the BFW. While waiting for the crowd to return we did 20x LBCs. Then called it a day.

Hi-Life apparently crushed it. Getting very close to completing a 5th lap… or did he? Denali and T&G had to be right on his 6. Very strong work by these beasts.
Denali really hates Homer to Marge. I recommend adding them to your Q whenever you see him in the circle. Just be sure to find a nice dark place for all the guys to do these together.
No one asked for a Scobby Snack. Probably a good thing. That was 20x Burpees OYO.
Great group out this morning. And strong work by all. Glad to see so many familiar faces, along with a few guys I only hear on twitter. Respect to all those the came out to The Judge for the first time.
Thanks Denali and T&G for having me.
Come see me at Dawn Patrol sometime. We surf, and everyone gets smoked.

Always an honor gentlemen,