As penned by Sunshine, logged to the InterNets via Enron....

Hi-Fidelity aimed for race pace this week as we did sets of 800s which, based on the spirited debate, will likely become the group’s favorite workout.

We began with a 2 lap warm-up, followed by a circle of active, yet awkwardly led, stretching – Imperial Walkers x 15, Good Mornings x 15.

The Workout – 6 x 800 all at Mile (R-Pace) with 90 second recovery between sets. The primary goals for this workout was consistency through the reps.  YHC ran the initial three 800s at the desired pace before losing form over the final 200 of each of the final three 800s. Commendable efforts by all with My Boy Blue, Ben Johnson, Enron and Denali leading the charge.

There was considerable consternation regarding YHC’s choice of track attire. As such, a signup list will be arranged for similar or even more fashionable togs for the group-at-large. It’s likely that we can get a group discount. Left to his own devices, YHC will likely select something yellow, orange, green or a combination of the aforementioned, preferably with zig-zags or an animal print.

We had a cool-down lap with a fellowship jog (400 recovery) to the steps and shared in COT.

  • Komen 5k is June 14th.  Sign-up for the F3 team
  • MILE TEST is May 20, 5:45a at #Hi-Fidelity
  • F3 Dads – May 31 at Fletcher Park.