About to embark on a church family camp weekend at Camp Seafarer, YHC thought it a good idea to fit in a Seafarer workout Saturday morning (b/c riding bikes, walking, canoeing, and following kids all over the camp wouldn’t be enough I guess).  Friday dinner discussions made me more confident that Tongue and Groove, Lamp, and 007 would join Deliverance and me (previous HCs) for the 6:30 workout…..I was wrong!  007 was the first fartsacker I’d encounter as I got ready.  Yes, I will call out my own 12-year old son!  Arrive at the sand pit game area only to find Deliverance.  Fortunately, Lamp’s cabin was 100% boarded up and ready for the hurricane that could come off the Neuse River any time.  No other takers, we were off (Q would be shared and off the cuff as there’s enough stuff there to wing it….don’t remember exact counts of everything, but I’ll get close)

The Thang:

Short jog and then warm-up:  merkins x 15, SSH x 20, good mornings x 12, one more but forgotten.

Deliverance takes over for 1/4 mile or so jog to picnic area near tennis courts.  Burpee box jumps (BBJ) on picnic bench OYO x 20, irkins on bench x 15, derkins x 15; Rd 2: BBJ x 15, irkins x 10, dirkins x 10.

E / Deliverance – Jog to tennis courts for various suicides while partner does alternate exercise by the fence:  normal suicide / partner balls to wall – flap jack; run up backpedal back suicide / peoples’ chair – flap jack; karaoke / squats – flap jack; bear crawl full length plank walk to the left fence, run back.

Epoxy – jog back towards cabin.  Mike Tysons under the hammocks ropes x 20.

Deliverance – Jog back across bridges to hill near Horshack’s cabin (yet another fartsacker).  Merkin ladder – Bear crawl up hill, run down, 10 merkins, crawl up, run down, 8 merkins, etc.

Epoxy – Jog across camp to area in front of Lamp’s cabin….still boarded up.  Safety first!  Alternating steps ups on wooden benches x 20 and then some variety of irkins / derkins in front of Deliverance’s and Horshack’s 2.0s (they were offered the opp to participate but passed).  Run over to basketball courts to find bales of hay.  Overhead press x 15-20 with bales, bent over rows using cords holding bales together x 15-20, repeat.  Jog over to boat house for curls of boat trailers – 2 sets of 20.

Jog around swim lake to end of zip line area for side to side jumps over the zip line wires and assorted Mary.  Continue jog around large pond back to another set of hammocks for another set of Mike Tysons.   Final sprints across last bridge back to near starting point for 4-5 Mary exercises.  Hour was up, and we were spent.  With just two and no breaks / waiting, that was a long hour.

COT:  Names, no significant announcements that I recall, and Epoxy closed out in prayer:  “Thank you for this opportunity to come out at Camp Seafarer, please keep everyone safe while at camp, and thanks for keeping Lamp’s family safe from the potential hurricane”…..for the record, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Sure I missed something, but that’s about it…..