13 pax arrived at Martin MS for the latest installment of hills for HiFidelity.  YHC pre-blasted that we would work on the Downhills too… more on that shortly.  On to the thang

At the appointed hour, we headed east through the parking lot towards Ridge road, abandoning the typical western route towards the track.  As we departed the parking lot, YHC saw another car entering the lot. We looped around to pick up the tardy pax, who was missing in action.  It turns out that Flouride rolled in a little late and made a right turn on Ridge road as we made a left.  Oops.  Pays to be on time when we head off campus.

So, back to the workout.  We headed down Ridge Road at a conversational pace until reaching Lake Boone Trail.  Then, it was all-out “R-pace” down the hill. Recover at Fellowship on the Greenway.  Then push it hard up Glen Eden Hill, 2 min recovery.  R-pace again down Glen Eden Hill, recover on the Greenway, and one last push up the Lake Boone Trail hill and recover back to Martin MS.

All-in-all it was 4.67 miles with some good work sections on the uphills and downhills too.

COT, a few announcements, and YHC closed us in prayer.