I hate Sisyphus. No doubt about it. But…that’s also why I love the NHP AO and why I work to get better. Not to make it easier, but to make myself better. With a fresh scouting report from my 2.0’s, the plan was in place. My four-year old wanted to punish the PAX with hill repeats. Saved by remnants of Ana, adjustments were made. 19 PAX weathered the storm and showed up strong. There was talk of 5 PAX for an EC ruck but I only laid eyes on 3. More to follow in the Skin. No FNGs so we got busy.


Run to upper lot… SSH x 10, IW x 10, Fazio x 10 L/R, single-leg merkins R x 10, L x 10

The Thang… hit the tennis courts

Suicide 1

Double merkin burpees x 10 OYO

suicide 2

Double merkin burpees x 10 OYO

suicide 3

Plank-low plank-plank-Makhtar N’Diayes x 10

suicide 4

Plank-low plank-plank-chilcutt peter parkers x 10

Mosey to the picnic tables for series of 7’s

Donkey kicks / derkins

Dips / Low irkins

single-leg squat R/L

Mosey to top of Sisyphus

American Hammer x 20, LBC x 20

run halfway down Sisyphus

American Hammer x 20, LBC x 20

run to top of Sisyphus and back down to the bottom

American Hammer x 20, LBC x 20

run to top of Sisyphus… still hate that hill.

Yep…. American hammer x 20, LBC x 20

Mosey to tennis courts

Suicide 5

Peoples chair x 10, BTTW x 10

Suicide 6

Peoples chair x 15, BTTW x 15

suicide 7

double merkin burpees x 10 OYO

Mosey back to picnic shelter for some Mary…

Low slow flutter x 20

Box-cutter x 20

American Hammer x 20

LBC x 30…. done!

Nice work today. Rained the whole time and we were soaked.

Announcements – need to HC for BRR and/or Go ruck (me included). Kommen 5k coming up. Screech is back in da house. Welcome back and great leadership while out organizing runs

Prayers – Linda’s daughter having eye surgery tomorrow. May be missing one more here… apologies.

Elsinore took us out gracefully


-Is it “extra” credit if you don’t do the work out? I say no but I’m flexible. Nice work to Deputy Queen, Screech and Deliverance for the 5am pre-work out ruck. I heard Pergo and Epoxy were there but I cannot confirm as I did not see them. Stick around next time boys!

-my choice of 200 American Hammers today was for two reasons…. 1)  I love America and 2)  I’m still working off this spare tire from 20 years of glutony and imbibery.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.