28 PAX emerged from their tryptophan induced slumber to kick off December right. It was the perfect morning to burn off the effects of over-eating. With 2 FNGS present, a disclaimer was given and away we went.

Warm-ups: SSH x25, Good mornings x20, Imperial Walkers x20, plankjacks x15, Mountain climbers x15

Jog to the tennis courts. Line up on the end line facing the net. 11’s: 10 merkins, bear crawl to net, 1 sumo squat jump, crab walk back to end line. 9 merkins, bear crawl, 2 sumo squat jumps, crab walk back. Repeato all the way to 1 merkin, 10 sumo squat jumps. YHC knew these would suck, and they really did.Plank when done. LBCs x20.

Partner up by the fence. 1-10 burpees, sprint both courts and back. 2- People’s chair. Flapjack. Repeato with balls to the walls instead of PC.

Mosey down Sisyphus to the rock pile. Grab a rock and line up either side of the path. The following in cadence. Shoulder press x15, Rock hammers x20, pass rock to left. YHC strategically said “to the left” upon seeing Bob Villa’s boulder of a rock. Sorry Elsinore. Curls x15, Flutter kicks with rock x20, pass rock. Tricep extensions x10, Rock squat hold x20, return rock.

Mosey to base of sisyphus. Partner up with someone of similar speed. Partner 1- take off up sisyphus, AMRAP Peter Parkers at top. Partner 2- 20 merkins and chase your partner. Plank when everyone reaches top.

Jog to front parking lot for Mary. Reverse LBCs x20, Heels to Heaven x20, Freddie Mercury’s x20


Strong work by the PAX this morning. Announcements: F3 Connect Wednesday at Mia Francesca’s 11:30-12:30, sign up via link http://goo.gl/MAjyX5. Tony Robbins talks about leadership and Freed 2 Lead. Bowling Thursday night at The Alley. Sign up via link http://t.co/DqXmWzgjZW. Christmas party Dec. 22nd at Tyler’s Taproom. No cost but donations will be taken. Bring your M. HC via invite that came through email. If you’re not on the email list go here: http://t.co/QF1yKZW2Ft.

Named our FNGs “The” (THE Ohio State University), and Peter Griffin.

Yo-Yo prayed us out.