SSH: 50

LBC: 20

Merkin: 20


The Thang:

PAX ran the roundabout way to the track. Along the way, we stopped for some people’s chair at a local school and continued jogging after that.

Once we arrived at the school track, PAX had a choice of either walking lunges across the length of the field, or doing a wheelbarrow with a partner. Once the other side was reached, fast PAX held plank until slower lunge walking brothers arrived. Sprinting to the other side, PAX then performed 20 burpees OYO. Back across the field, 20 Plank Jacks. Across again. Crab Jacks x 15 (Thanks Digit). PAX then began a lap around the track. At the second corner of the track, PAX did 20 sumo squats. At the next corner, another 20 sumo squats. Running back to the start, some other exercise followed that escapes the mind of the Q.

QIC then led PAX to the center of the field, and an Elevator began:

10 merkins

20 squats

30 jumping lunges

40 burpees (thanks to a certain PAX racing the Q across the field)

50 squats

Then PAX headed to a different school building and did BTTW for a 20 cadence count. A 10 count recovery, then another 10 cadence count of BTTW. On the way around the school, PAX stopped, for QIC made a discovery: a hidden ramp and stairs! What could be better than bear crawling and crab walking that ramp? PAX thoroughly enjoyed it.

Following on its heels, PAX did a slightly modified Bear Crawl Snake (modification was that there was no weaving).

PAX then ran back to the #ShovelFlag with the same deal as last week: for every person that PAX come across, 10 squats, if they have a dog, it’s burpees instead. 6 ladies from FIA were jogging along, so it was 60 squats for the PAX. Thanks ladies. An indian run back to the flag ensued after the squats.

4 MoM:

Upon arrival, PAX did another 10 LBCs, followed by 20 SSHs, 20 Freddy Mercurys, and 30 Navy Seal Situps..



Look around here… you’ll find ’em.

Lucky will keep us posted about potential summer cook out.


Prayer Requests:

Moonshine’s continuing recovery.

Chimichanga’s family situation.

Bill Nye took us out.



Great work to all the PAX who showed up today. It was great to have Legs and Faulkner with us today. Patina and Casey Casem were notably missing. Once again, it was a privilege to lead you all as Q.