Six PAX took the underdog in the 60% chance of precipitation forecast and were handsomely rewarded in victory.

Warm-up with Good mornings x 15, Windmills x 20 (OCD pet peeve: rotating exercise sets that end in odd numbers; I’d hate to overdevelop my right side because of 20 years of that extra Windmill; even it out, bro), Mountain Climbers x 20.

Indian Run along a circuitous route to the opposite side of the AO, arriving for a set of 11s (Merkins and Squats).

Return Indian Run to the tennis courts for two minutes (ish) of Burpees.

People’s chair ascending 10 count (x6)

Wind sprint to the other side of tennis court, climb fence #1,

Return sprint to fence #2 for BTTW descending 10 count (x6)

Wind sprint to fence #1 and return for 10 squats

Wind sprint to fence #1 and return for 10 Merkins.

Wind sprint to fence #1, climb fence #1, return to fence #2 for BTTW descending 10 count (x6).

Mosey to drainage area for choose your own rock adventure drills.

Two sets of: Curls x 10, presses x10, extensions x10 and rows x 10.

Mosey to shelter for Top Shelf Urkins x 10, Dips x 10, Derkins x 10.

Table mounted Mary:  Flutters x 20, LBCs x 20, Freddie Mercury x 20 and Homer to Marge x 10.

Bonus Indian Run around the track to finish out.

Prayers of safe travel and patience were offered for a neighborhood field trip to Georgia and for a speedy recovery from illness for close family.