2 things I took away from last night’s games. Roy Williams is a hell of a coach despite some talking heads’ & UNC fan’s contrarian viewpoint. And, if you didn’t hear or haven’t read Tony Bennett’s post game comments after UVA’s loss, you should search them out. They are worth reading to gather some perspective on humility in the face of defeat.

Meanwhile, back at Eastbound this fine drizzly morning, 5 pax fought the sack of farts to join me for a good old fashioned beatdown. No new fangled exercises, no running all over creation trying to tap a partner on the shoulder and giggle, just 3 solid sets and a lot of sweat.

Merkin Jack X 20
SSH X 40
Good Morning X 15
Windmill X 15

Tabata Set – Legs
30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. 4 sets of each exercise
-Squat Jump
-High Knees
-Alternating Linge Jump
-Dan Jansen

Jog the legs out for a lap around the park

Pick a spot on the baseline of the tennis courts for burpee suicide stack. Sprint to net and back, do 2 burpees. Sprint to net and back twice, do 4 Burpees. Sprint to net and back 3 times, do 6 burpees. So on and so forth up to 20 burpees.

Jog over to the path and find a spot on the low wall.
-Incline Merkin X 20
-Dip X 10
-Decline Peter Parker X 20
-Incline Merkin X 15
-Dip x10
-Decline Peter Parker X 15
-Incline Merkin X 10
-Dip X 10
-Decline Peter Parker X 10

Done. Welcome back Bubbles after 5 weeks out from shoulder surgery. Thanks to the guys that posted this morning. Rain is like Kryptonite to pax, myself included, so your presence was very much appreciated. I took us out with words of personal humility. Have a great week all.