Nearly 20 PAX started the week off with a friendly reminder not to do drugs.  Or research chemicals. The earth-shattering two sentences which comprise the title of this post were in fact carved into/written onto a picnic bench beneath the NH Park shelter and were read, in lieu of a 10-count, by Rainman near the end of the workout.  Real workouts = good.  Fake acid = bad.  Real acid = ?

The Thang:



Carolina Drydocks

Good Mornings

Standard Merkin

Jog to Hyde Hill

Hyde Hill

(1) bear crawl halfway/10 burpees/bear crawl halfway

(2) spring halfway/10 burpees/crab walk halfway

Run back to NH Park — partial karaoke on the run

Down Sisyphus to rock pile

With rock

curls/shoulder press/tricep extension — 15 each X 3 sets

broken up by lunge walk with rock — X 2 sets

run up Sisyphus

Chong-Li Special

dips/decline merkins/incline merkins — 15 each X 2 sets

Mary — just six-inch leg hold round the circle