polar bear

That is the question which was posed at the official launch of Lourdes of Discipline. This morning, 12 Pax posted to try and answer this question, with the results a resounding… Maybe. Regardless, the message was delivered that Lourdes of Discipline will be no “Date Night”, and will push the envelope to become the new “Manliest WorkOut in F3 Raleigh.” The challenge has been put down…


Burpees – OYO x20

Merkins x 15

Side Straddle Hops x 10

Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles x10

Mountain Climbersx15

2 Groups for Indian run to the basketball courts, followed by…


11’s going baseline to baseline, counting up on Star Jumps on one end, and counting down on Burpees on the other end. Oh yeah, and instead of running baseline to baseline, the trip to the return base line was via the bear crawl (lots of mumble chatter by Wendell Gee on that one on having not been beta tested. Now it has…)


Frog jumps from base line to baseline and back, with 10 merkins thrown in before the return trip..

Run Backwards baseline to baseline and back, with 10 diamond merkins thrown in before the return trip.

Run High knees baseline to baseline and back, with 10 Carolina dry docks thrown in before the return trip



Mosey over to the baseball field and Split into two groups, with Group 1 doing OYO merkins, while Group 2 sprints the perimeter of the baseball field, then Flapjack.



Mosey over to the Picnic shelter where Group 1 does 5 pullups while Group 2 does 10 Derkins. Flapjack



Single line Indian Run back to the starting point for..



Flutter Kicksx15

Heels to Heavenx15

Mack Tar Ji x 15


A warm welcome return to Wolf’s Clothing, after an 18 month hiatus, who promptly couldn’t quite remember his F3 name, which was fine with us, as we had a much better name for him anyway –Little Bo Peep.

Announcements, and Nemo took us out…