Today was my second Q for the True Grit challenge. I am a big fan of Ambassador’s 0715 start and 45 minute length! Many Saturday mornings when I struggle with the fartsack, it’s been a beacon for my late start. Seemed like a no-brainer for a Q choice.

Warm Up:
-Mosey from parking lot around the carousel twice to upper parking lot
-20 Side Straddle Hops
-10 Good Mornings
-20 Imperial Walkers
-10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles forward
-10 Sir Fazio Arm Circles reverse
-World’s Greatest Stretch + Pigeon Pose (left side then right side) with pigeon pose included

Main Event:
-Count off by threes for Pendulum. Top of parking lot: Mercans, Bottom of parking lot: Imperial Squat Walkers. Each group does three sets of each.
-Mosey to rocks for curls, bent over rows, overhead presses, triceps extensions. First set x10, second x15, third x11 due to a commitment to a Q miscount.
-Mosey to baseball diamond for Ring (Diamond) of Fire. PAX enjoyed punishing each other with some tough exercises.
-Mosey back to top parking lot for… looks at watch… two minutes of Mary.

-Freddie Mercuries x20
-Box Cutters x20
-Have a Nice Day

16 PAX. Sign up for the 12/16 Christmas Party by 12/8. Come out to Brick City Friday mornings at Neighbor2Neighbor. Sign up for Burgaw. Chinese Downhill is asking Burger Feet about including weekdays for Burgaw work. Prayers for Mr. Hand, Azul, and the family mentioned by Abacus.
Abacus took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
I hadn’t Q’d Ambassador before. I’m glad I posted last week and got to see all the construction first hand! It looks like it should really be something afterwards. It’s been fun getting to know the Ambassador regulars. They had a lot of fun picking exercises for Ring of Fire. Peaches snuck in an extra lap while we were all looking away for Balls to the Wall. I was toast with three guys left. Then Elliott calls 8 point man makers haha! Looking forward to doing it again soon.