After a chilly 2.5 mile EC run in with Michelob and Old Maid, YHC rolled into DP with 3 minutes to spare and was happy to see such an assemblage of men. YHC’s heart was warmed with the presence of 6 of our South Wake brothers. F3 transcends this group of guys we see every week. It’s really special to settle into our awesome routine with men you’ve only met once or twice. On top of that, we had FOUR FNG’s! I’m not sure, but that’s the most this correspondent has ever witnessed. With nearly a third of the PAX not commonplace at CARPex workouts, this workout had the feel of a convergence. There was barely enough time to say hello to all the PAX before the disclaimer was given. Off we went.

Warm-Up – At the far end of the lot
10 GM IC
10 Hillbillies IC
5 Pike Stretch IC per side
10 Hackey Sacks IC
10 King David TT IC

Count off – 28. SWEEET! Divisible by 4, Why? You’ll see!
Mosey to the Bridge
Bear Crawl Across the Bridge (Of Course) [1]
Mosey to the Frog Pond
Imperial Walker March ½ way around [2] [3]
Mosey to the Far Parking Lot
Count off by 7s, find your group [4]
5 four Man Box Plank – OMD 5 Reps [5]
Suicides to the light Poles, Plank it out after each leg for PAX to reform
1st Pole – 10 Merkins OYO
2nd Pole – 10 Plank Jacks OYO
3rd Pole – 10 Burpees OYO
4th Pole – Oblique Crunch Plank, 5 per Side OYO [6]
To the Street and stay there Cossack Squats AMRAP until the PAX forms up
Mosey to the Shelter
Circle Back for the 6
Groups 1-3 ALRSU, Groups 4-7 Run to Bleachers and Back[7]
Move to the Split Rail Fence
5 Derkins
Move hands back one handspan, 5 Derkins
Move hands back one handspan, 5 Derkins
Move hands back one handspan, 5 Derkins (Carolina Dry Derkins?)
File into the Tennis Court
BTTW, 2 count around the PAX (Restart as some guys don’t pick up the count fast enough)
5 count Australian Mountain Climbers IC [8]

To the Parking Lot for Mary
10 Homer to Marge IC
H2M Indian Style 5 per side IC [9]
H2M With leg extended 5 per side IC
H2M with reach across 5 per side IC
15 American Hammers IC [10]
Right Arm Up, 5 count J-Lo IC [11]
Left Arm Up, 5 count J-Lo IC

[1] Some of y’all blew by so fast, YHC didn’t even see who you were. You coud give Sputnik a run (Crawl?) for his money.
[2] Yeah, YHC REALLY only meant to go halfway around though it seemed like an audible
[3] This IS pretty far to Imperial March
[4] Yeah, divide onto groups of four might a worked a little faster
[5] This worked awesomely this time around. The key is, make sure the #of PAX is divisible by 4 so no one is standing around. This WILL be back, YHC Promises!
[6] Hated These/Loved These. They need a name. Suggestions?
[7] WOW. 28 men won’t fit in the Shelter. Time to Audible
[8] The Groans, the groans! Music to the Q’s ears!
[9] Feather so M4L won’t be offended
[10]See, not EVERY exercise needs a demonstration
[11] How is this not in the Exicon Already? I suppose YHC must submit, but there seems to be two types, on the side and facing down. Which one is JLO?
[12] A little excitement after the workout. Everyone is OK. Just needed some sugar.

Krispy Kreme Challenge – 4 Feb 2017, Murph to precede the proceedings. Contact Ma Bell for more details
CarPEX Q School – Sunday 12 February at 15:00. Meet at the kiosk in the Bond Park dale. Conducted by C.K.
The Mule – 03/04/2017, Launch @0600 at Pullen Park
GoRuck Tough – 04/21/2017, Launch @2100
Beaver Creek Bridge Out for Dante’s Peak on 3Feb17 – Approach from Kelly Road or come up Evans from Humie-Olive, or just run in from Hotspot’s house.

Khakis embarks on his mission trip to India. Prayers for his safe and fruitful trip
Water Wings is gonna be a papa, (again?), this week some time. He insists it’s Thursday. Q in the sky only knows.

YHC took us out. [12]