Outstanding work today by 11 PAX. We covered a fair amount of ground on the SEBTS campus and Wake Forest Rolesville campus (home of the Cougars). YHC strongly encourages the Raleigh folks to make the easy drive up north to Wake Forest and check out this workout. Great guys, great site.

The Thang:

Run to the fountain. SSHs (35x), Imperial Walkers (10x), Merkins (15x), Mountain Climbers (20x).

Back to high school we go. Stop at handicap rail. Australian Pullups (10x), Dips (10x), APs (10x), Dips (10x), APs (5x), Dips (10x).

Everybody Wants Something: At top of parking garage, each Pax takes a turn and calls an exercise for his fellow Pax to perform while he runs a loop around the lot. Exercises included One-Legged Deadlifts, Standard Merkins, LBCs, Lunges, Star Jumps, People’s Chair, SSHs, 6-Inch Leg Hold, and Prisoner Squats. Bonus Merkins (15x).

Run to hill. Run backwards up the hill, 5 Burpees at the top, then run down. Next time, 4 Burpees . . . .

Run to wall. Balls to the Wall (20 counts – some at slow speeds, some at fast speeds — cadence fun!), People’s Chair — 3x.

Run to parking lot. Sprint down to end of parking lot, shuffle over, run backwards to beginning of parking lot, shuffle over.

Mary: WWII Situps (20x), LBCs (20x).

COT: Refreshments were served.

Announcements: 9/11 convergence. Details to follow.

Floppy took us out in prayer.