Early in WWII, one of the RAF’s strategies for dealing with “The Blitz” from the Luftwaffe and their strategic bombing was “the cult of the offensive.”  To prevent German formations from hitting targets in Britain, the RAF’s Bomber Command would destroy the Luftwaffe forces on their own bases, aircraft in their factories, and fuel reserves by attacking oil plants. It didn’t exactly work, but it was in that spirit that YHC embarked on his maiden Q of the Blitz.  Three brave PAX and an Au Pair (clearly from the French resistance), armed with nothing but kettle bells and a dollar store flashlight, joined me for the rain-soaked offensive, while the huddling, trembling civilian PAX masses remained in their proverbial communal shelters.  Much like defence by offence, this workout and my flashlight didn’t exactly work, but there was no collapse of morale and we emerged from the gloom sharpened.  


Mosey to the basketball courts…

-Slingshots X10, reverse it

-Windmills X10, reverse it

-KB diamond merkins X15

-Sumo high pulls X15

-Alternating kb chest press X20

-2 handed swing X15

-Figure 8s X15

-Goblet squats X15

Partner up for KB AMRAP sets alternating w/sprints up the hill :

-Dual KB merkins

-Failed attempt at iron cross holds (too danged heavy), settled into raise the roof KB lunges

-Dual KB renegade rows

-Side step 2 handed swings

-Dual KB front squat

-Dual KB chest presses

Circle back up for:

-Sumo high pull X15

-2 handed swing X15


-KB V-Ups X15

-KB pullover sit up to shin X10

-Dragonfly X10


-Ridgewood Beer & Wine Thu night. Event starts at 7, but Vila will be there @ 6 for any so inclined.

-Prayers for Dufresne. Situation fairly bleak.

-Maize led us out in prayer.