The cool fall gloom weather reminds YHC of the wet grass of high school sports, great for running and even better for AM beatdowns.  YHC decided to get some miles in early EC and came by to pick up the 2.0 Picasso who decked out in all orange today for #orangefordarth.  PNG pulls and 7 AM hits the clock and the PAX gets to work.

Warm Up: Walking soldier kicks, Walking knee hugs, butt kickers, Cotton pickers, Windmills, Squats all in candence.

Deck of death with cadence called by YHC, PNG, or 2.0 Picasso.  Hearts: SSH in cadence, Clubs: Merkins, Spades:foot release squats, Diamonds: WWI sit ups.

Scout run to “The Grove” and back.

AMRAP work: 30sec  2 rounds each, box jumps, dips, Lunges, Diamond Irkens.

Mary: Freddy Mercury, box cutters, LBC’s, Superman’s, Swimmers all 15-20 in cadence.

BOM/COT: Stretch’s M Grandpa back in hospital for 3rd time in 2 weeks due to complications from Cancer, Labrat and upcoming move.