2 Lonely Pax showed up to the AO known as Mutiny. The Q for the day knew the crowd would be small as it seems most of the South Wake folks are inhabiting FL at the moments. Few remain to carry on in their absence.

Warm Up
Run track
Side Strattle Hops X 25
Good mornings X 25
Arm circles x 15 each
Mountain climbers X 25
Merkins X 25

The Main Thang (Line up on Soccer field exercise to other side, Do series of 25 exercise on other side, run back)*** May be out of order but you get the idea***
Lunge walk across the field on other side merkins X 25
Bear crawl across the field on other side squats X 25
Shuffle across the field switch side in middle on other side diamond merkins X 25
10 count
25 dips
Karaoke across the field on other side dips X 25
High knees across the field on other side jump ropes X 25
Butt kickers across the field on other side mountain climbers X 25
Shuffles across the field on other side step ups X 25
Gorilla crawl across the field audible lunge walk on other side quick feet hit the deck X 10
Jog back to pavilion for Mary

Reverse Lbc X 25
Russian hammers X 25
6 inch leg hold X 25

Howard enlightened me on the situation in Africa and the things that people are dealing with there. Drought, Famine, Sickness make what we complain about here in the United States seem so petty. When a person has to decide about feeding there family rather than charging their phone or using the internet. How we go to the store for milk or corn on the cob so we can have a BBQ. People in Africa with the drought are hungry and there animals are sick. You don’t see this on the nightly news. Thank you Howard for sharing the stories this am. We continue to pray for his Mission and for the Pastors in Africa who deal with this situation.


Yosef and his Family

Prayers for the situation in Africa