Warm up jog with pace around Fetzer track then circle up. SSH X 25 cadence count, arm circles front and back, Willie Mays Hayes, mountain climber X10 cadence count, 10 merkins.

Run up the steps to the IM fields.

The Thang:

Half field suicide

Circle up at the halfway field for some ground work, Merkins to LBC’s. 15 merkins to 15 LBC’s cadence count for LBC’s, then down by one each to 14, 13, 12, 11 and 10.

Recovery lap around both soccer fields

Half field suicides as a PAX again

Circle back up at midfield

Burpees to WWII’s

5 burpees     15 WWII’s

5  burpees    14 WWII’s

5  burpees    13 WWII,s

5 burpees    12 WWII’s

10 burpees   20 or 25 WWII’s( I can’t remember exactly)

Recovery lap around soccer fields

Mosey back to the bleachers of for some calf work:

25 Stair Hops in cadence(keep your eyes on the stairs)


15 or 20 full calf raises on the stairs

25 stair hops in cadence

Mosey back to the track and pick a partner.

50% jog together until the scoreboard sign and then let it loose for a full out sprint whatever is in the tank back to starting point.


Bows to Toes for 1:30

Peter Parkers 10 cadence

Mtn Climbers 10 cadence

Bows to toes and a number call out.


10 total for the BRR.  See Wuerffel if you have interest in rounding out the last 2 spots.  Apparently Raleigh F3 don’t think we can field 12 (who is left?)  This Friday launch of the Falcon at Jordan High 2ply and Sawyer co-q

Prayer:  Thanks for all that F3 means to each of us let’s keep supporting each other and have a great week.

T-Claps to Shooter for passing the Q to me today.  T-Claps to Dunphy for helping me to stay on count it was more difficult than I anticipated.  T-Claps to Scuppernog for posting all the way from North Raleigh this morning and to Ram Air for his first Q.