Only 5 PAX showed up strong this morning ready to enter the gloom.  In the quiet hours of the morning they gathered as YHC appeared from the shadows of the woods – hood drawn.  Creepy? Yes…intimidating? I’d like to think so.  A quick warmup in the parking lot before getting to it.

SSHx25, Imp Walkersx15, quick jog to end of lot and back, World’s Greatest Stretch, Quick feet x 20.

A call for No Burpees!  None necessary…

The Thang:

In the woods near the little lake at Eastgate lay fallen trees from the ice earlier in the year.  We grabbed two logs that didn’t make it through.  2 to each log and 1 loner log.  Carry it down to the concrete flat beside the lake.

Everyone rotated to the loner ensuring their own personal pain.

bicep curls x 15, 10 squats, place log on shoulder and lift overhead to other shoulder x 10.

Walk the log down to the picnic shelter.  10 biceps curls.  rest log with squat.  10 squats.

recover on the run around the park.  Stop just in front of the tennis courts for a quick triple pyramid:  merkins, squats, LBCs.  All to 5, 10, 15.

Back to the shelter.  Grab a spot on the rafters for a set of 11’s – pullups and step ups.

Walk log back to pyramid location at lot for last set of squats to 10.  End on a quick run through quick feet x 20, irkins x 15, squats x 15 – repeato with derkins rather than irkins.

return log to shadows and COT.

good call by Fazio for safety and mindfulness as you travel.  Friar Tuck reminded us of that the brothers will meet at Panera today – noon o’clock. Chapter of John will be covered. Father/Son F3  coming up.

Friar Tuck took us out with a moment of silence and a strong prayer.

Nice work today men.