After a 50th birthday celebration earlier this week Rudy came ready to deal. Marky Mark rolled in with two FNGs and despite the heat we decided it was time to work.

Warm up
SSH x30
Arm Circles both Ways x10
Imperial Walker x15

The Thang
Fellowship lap around the track to warm things up. Meet in the end zone and grab a deck of cards (who knew those were there). Rudy starts dealing to the PAX who call their exercise based on the cards.

Clubs – Lunges
Spades – Squats
Diamonds – Merkins
Hearts – WWIIs

Any time an Ace hit 11 burpees OYO. Every time the deal made a full loop the PAX did the same and took a lap on the track. We made it through three rounds before it was time to move on.

Head to the picnic benches. Dips x25, Derkins x15, Dips x20, Derkins x10.

LBCs x25
Heels to Heaven x30

Strong words from Rudy

#ATT ruck coming up