My OH My where to start with this crowd.  This was one of the Best days I have Q’d yet and Bayliner agreed.  This day was full of surprises and excitement throughout.  To start, we had not 1, not 2, but 3 people “tardy” today.  You guessed it, Costanzia was leading the way “claimed he was sober” BUT his Colt 45 breath said other.  Bayliner tried to get control early to lead us into warmarama and that when Gertrude’s shorts ripped “again”  please go buy some at Dicks sporting goods ( for those curious, yes he still had tighty whities).  Moving on, we gathered, more drama was coming and the warm-ups went something like this:

Warmarama- led by my man Bayliner, who was out for the kill today

SSH IC x 20………Cotton Pickers ..IC x 15….Ray Ray Robinson “single count” x 10, ….5 Burpees OYO…..Knee Cap press IC x15……5 Burpees OYO…..Windmills IC x 15  Reverse Ray Ray’s x 10, ….Sun Gods Ic x 10….reverse x 10……5 Burpees OYO

The Thang— led by my man Bayliner

Bayliner started giving instructions on where we would start and not sure why BUT Roonie started debating/arguing with him almost trying to steal the Q.   Some of the Pax ( Ramses, Lassie and Allen) were confused and started doing Longfoot lunges until Bayliner made the instructions more clear. “still not sure why Roonie tried that”?  We ended up after a 2 minute delay ” Which clearly ticked off Sunny” running to Hole #10 green and preceded to do ( 10 merkins, 15 wojo squats, 20 LBC’s and 5 saddle breads) then we moseyed to the 11th Green.  Once we reached the 11th green, Roonie started his lip-service again with Bayliner “stating we should be doing more core and less running”.  Well this did not go over well with Bayliner OR espeicially Doogie which politely told Roonie to stop acting like a panda bear and whispered “black lives matter”.  Once we reached the 11th green, we did 10 dry-docks, 15 gorilla humpers, 20 LBC’s and 5 pistol whippers IC.  Next we moseyed to the 12th green where we did 10 double wides, 15 plank jacks, 20 lbc’s and 5 who’s your daddy’s with a partner.

Dipstick now took over the 2nd half and we quickly moseyed to the 13th green and then moseyed back to the driving range.  Quickly assembled in 1 straight line behind the cones.  We would bear crawl 20 yards and then do 3…10 second merkin holds….then 5 pole-snaps IC AND then bear-crawl back.  Once we got back we did 3 more 10…sec hold merkins.

Last but not least we ended up storming Normandy….. Cones were spread out 75 yards apart and a huge hill 1/2 way between.  This was the burpee beatdown starting at 10 and counting down to 1.  Each partner would run up the hill and down a total of 75 yards, do 10 burpees and then run back and do 9 until we all got down to 1.  In the middle, I swear Reef Donkey was yelling at himself which inspired the guy from Raleigh “Data” …  and he replied I got your donkey?  Yeah I was kinda confused too, but also tired.  About 3/4’s the way, you guessed it, Allen had a splash merlot on the hill BUT played it off beautifully.  The only person who saw besides myself and Okinawa was BCBS because he slipped in it and his hand got a little ” milkshake” on it.  Tip of the cap to Ramses for helping BCBS up.  After we finished the burpee countdown, we then did 15 dry-docks single count, 15 diamond merkins, 3 more 10-sec hold merkins and 10 buffalo backs.

Then we moseyed back to the parking lot for Marys.


American hammer IC x 15 ( thanks Hilliary) , WWI x 22 ( Lassie)….Thrusts x 20 ( Ramses), X’s and O’s 10,15,20,25…..Jap-Sliders IC x10…. LBC’s IC x 15 ( Gilligan)….and dying c-roach IC x 10.


3 workouts tomorrow…….Beaufort..–Duck on Q…..Rotary….Jang on Q……..West….I’m not sure who is on the Q ( check the pre-blast later).  3rd-F at Methodist Church today at noon “upstairs board room”…….86,400 seconds in a day, use it, don’t take it for granite.  Don’t complain about getting old, some don’t have that luxury.

It was an honor to lead you guys today….GREAT EFFORT all of you and I do mean that.  Dipper- OUT