Flood Zone-first up tempo AO in F3 Raleigh. Wanted to give respect to YoYo. Continuous movement, no rest(except for McElvis).

EC-burpees on the minute. Start with 3 burpees. Increase by 3 every minute up to 15 burpees. Decrease back down by 3 every minute.

Warmup-SSH, GM, IW, Windmill.

Mosey to Homewood Banks. Indian Run up to Blue Ridge, down to entrance of apartments with big ass hill. Partner up. Partner 1 repeats 10 merkins, 20 squats, 30 flutters. Partner 2 runs .5 mile loop. Up big ass hill, across parking lot, down stairs, up Homewood Banks to Blue Ridge, down BR to entrance. Continue flapjacking until 6:08. Run back to deck, sprint 200 yards and circle up. Brief Mary of box cutters and LBCs. Elvis courtesy of Zima.