After two beta tests, it was time.  The GOLIVE was approved and 11 PAX posted to see what Williams Park and YHC had to offer.  On this, our third week, we covered some ground…as Yoda says…lots to do out here there is…hard to do it all within 45 minutes…so many possibilities and no angry neighbors.  YHC was inspired by the Winter Olympics and felt the PAX should meet our friend… the Dan Jansen!  Let’s do this!

The Thang:

Warmup:  Sir Fazio Arm Circles x20 / Reverse Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 20 / SSH x20 / Mountain Climbers x20 / Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x10 – lots of groaning here / the Dan Jansen – ever notice the size of speed skaters thighs?  let me explain:  balance on one leg while taking the other leg back and then forward up toward your chest using your arms for appropriate balance (10 on the right leg, 10 on the left).  when doing this correctly, it’s like a speed skater (somewhat and harder than you think).  Recover on the brief jog to the picnic tables.

Picnic Tables:  In 4 count cadence: The Dip x15 / Derkins x15 / Irkins x15 (repeato);  NOTE:  due to extreme arm burning YHC called an audible on Derkins and Irkins going to 10.  YHC was thinking about Tuesday’s fitness test at True Grit…

Recover on the jog:  Down the paved trail, right at the fork, left to the baseball field fence. (about 150-200 yards?)

Field work:  Split into 2 groups and intervals

Interval 1:  Group 1 – People’s Chair; Group 2 – sprint down right field/1B line to backstop and return (Flapjack)

Interval 2:  Group 1 – Balls to the Wall; Group 2 – same sprint as before (Flapjack)

Interval 3:  Group 1 – Precision Squats; Group 2 – same sprint as before (Flapjack)

Interval 4;  Partner Carry to backstop and flapjack (we had one faceplant on this one)

Recover on the jog to the hill (about 150-200 yards away?)

Hill work intervals:

Interval 1:  Partner up – Wheelbarrow up hill (about 40 yards uphill?), at top 5 Merkins, jog back down and flapjack.

Interval 2:  All PAX – Gorilla up hill, at top 10 Merkins, jog back – plank until all return

Interval 3:  All PAX – Bear Crawl up hill, at top 5 Burpees, jog back – plank until all return

Recover on the jog back to the parking lot (about 150-200 yards?)

Cone Work: (YHC borrowed RainMan’s idea from Catalyst last Saturday)

Interval 1:  Partner up – 100 Merkins [1 partner starts Merkins, other partner sprints 40 yards to opposite cone and back; flapjack with partner taking over at Merkin count – repeat until 100 Merkins are complete}

Interval 2:  Same groups – 100 Reverse LBC’s – same back and forth

Six minutes of Mary:  What’s becoming a Crucible tradition, YHC brought out the 30lb dumbells.  PAX circles up.  2 PAX in the middle doing 20 Lawnmowers (10 each arm – single count) while PAX does a Mary exercise until Lawnmowers are complete.  2 new PAX rotate in, etc.

Mary:  Rosalita, LBC’s, Windshield Wipers, Russian Hammers, Heels to Heaven, other?

COT:  Strong work by the PAX today, lots of groaning for a GOLIVE.  Prayers for Cinderella’s Grandfather who just lost his beloved wife of 60+ years.

Announcements:  True Grit fitness test this week; 3rd F – Larry David’s office off Marriott drive across from Crabtree Valley Mall – Thursday’s 12pm; 2nd F – Beer tasting and food at Raleigh Brewing Co – Thursday 13 Feb at 630 or 7pm – check @F3Raleigh twitter feed

Moleskin:  1 Timothy 4:8 –  For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

Mr. Rogers closed us out in prayer.