YHC just realized today is 7/11. Probably should have done a convenience store themed workout. Oh well, there’s always next year. 12 veteran PAX braved the heat and humidity of a North Carolina July morning to start the week off right. A very short disclaimer and a quick lap around the big loop brought us to the soccer field where 4 cones awaited. We circled up and got to work.

Warm Up
SSH x25 IC
GM x10 IC
IW x25 IC
Sir Fazio X13 IC each way
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
Hold the plank for slow 10 count

The Thang

The Blender: Four Cones spread into a rectangle in the soccer field. Short sides about 30 yds long, long sides 60ish. PAX split into groups of 4. 1s and 2s start at cone 1, 3s and 4s at cone 3. 1s and 3s bear crawl the short length of the rectangle then run the long length, ending up at the opposite cone. 2s and 4s perform exercises until “relieved” by 1s and 3s. Then 1s and 3s perform exercises while others bear crawl/run. Therefore half the PAX were always bear crawling/running the perimeter while the others performed exercised. If seen from above it should look like the contents of a blender.
There were Four Commands / buttons on The Blender:
Excerise (simple enough)
Stop (everyone stops where they are while the QIC would call out new exercises for the next round)
Pulse (everyone runs to the center of the rectangle, performs 10 burpees OYO and then returns to their spot on perimeter and continues exercising)
Recover (this was the only rest once we started and was only called when we finished)

Exercises were as follows:
Cone 1 – Merkins – Cone 3 – Burpees (3 rounds of this)
Cone 1 – Diamond Merkins (Capt Kangaroo went on autopilot for one round and did burpees – EC for him) – Cone 3 – Prisoner Squats (Bear crawls replaced with broad jumps) (3 rounds of this)
Cone 1 – Hand Release Merkins (Capt Kangaroo went on autopilot again for one round and did burpees – more EC for him)– Cone 3 – Star Jumps (Broad Jumps replaced with lunges) (3 rounds of this)

Pulse was called three times.

On to the rock pile for three rounds:
Rock Curls IC x15, Single Count x15, Single Count x10
Tricep Extensions IC x15, Single Count x15, Single Count x10
Squat Press IC x15, IC x10, IC x10

On to the picnic shelter for:
L/R Step Up IC x25
Irkins x20
Dips IC x15
Derkins x20

Indian run the big loop and finish at parking lot.

American Hammers IC x35

Strong group of guys at the Crucible as always. Nice to see Lunacy back in the gloom. Nice to see Capt Kangaroo this far North supporting Barney Fife.

Announcements –
Forum at Panera on Six Forks/Colonnade. Studying book of Colossians.

Convergence in Greenville, NC at end of July for Sasquatch. Eastern NC version of the Mule. This year in support of Papa Smurf and his family. He’s recently been diagnosed with rapidly progressing ALS. Look for other PAX heading down and show our support from Raleigh.

Prayers –
For all of those affected by recent violence and for healing for those affected directly and indirectly.

It’s always an honor and very humbling to lead this group. Thanks for pushing me today as always.