The rain continued to fall this morning, so 15 pax showed up in the concrete jungle that is Flood Zone hoping to stay dry under the deck.  Nope.


Gave Zima and Man Ram the option of either 1) a fellowship jog around the mall, or 2) the unpleasant EC I had planned.  An interesting social experiment here as neither spoke up immediately.  After looking at each other for a few secs, they agreed on something in between?  Fair enough – off we go.

Run to top of deck with backwards run up the ramps.  At the top, Merkin Pyramid up to 5 and back.  Back down the stairs, repeat but with LBC Pyramid up to 5 and back.  Back down to cars where pax starting to file in for main event.  Wide grip Merkin Pyramid up to 5 and back.

Poll taken to see how many posted at Flood Zone hoping to stay dry – no surprise here but Country Wide raises his hand.  Sorry pal, not going to happen.


SSH x 15, Good Mornings x 15, Rotating Mtn Climber x 15


Run out of the protection of the deck and over the bridge to the guardrail, find a spot for Single Leg Squat Jumps x 10 each leg OYO.

Split up into two groups for an Indian Run.  Soon after starting we encounter a large puddle of rainwater, to which Country Wide exclaims “Duff I can’t get my shoes wet!!”  Think he may have found a way around it only to get his precious shoes even wetter in the grass.  Glad you didn’t cut out at this point CW.

Continue Indian Run to rock pile under Glenwood bridge.  Everyone grab a rock and stay in your group.  Group 1 runs with rock to cone, then lunge walk with rock above head to stairs (Life Alert told me the name for these but I forgot).  Rock down, up stairs Star Jumps x 15, down stairs Burpees x 10, up stairs Star Jumps x 5, down stairs, grab rock, lunge walk with rock above head to cone, then run back to rock pile.

Group 2 does following cycle with rock:  Offset Merkins x 8, Squat Press x 8, Curls x 8, repeat cycle but 2 less reps per exercise.  Keep going until Group 1 returns.  Flapjack.

Fellowship pace back to mall entrance at Homewood Banks Dr.  Find a spot on guardrail for Irkins x 20, Dirkins x 20.

Over to base of parking deck next to Barnes & Noble.  Next up – a Few (not 2) Long Rounds with Tyson.  3 stations – 1st at base of ramp, 2nd at top of ramp, 3rd at base of next ramp.  10 reps of called exercise at each station, there and back, ie, 50 reps total per exercise.  Round 1 – merkins, Round 2 – jump lunges, Round 3 – squat thrusts, Round 4 – wide-grip merkins.  Running out of time so 4 rounds is all we got through, but felt like enough at that point.

Back to starting point for MARY.

Reverse LBC x 20, Freddie Mercurys x 20.

Announcements – 3rd F Event at Healing Transitions on Tues, May 17th.  $20 per head, sign up link on F3 Raleigh homepage.  Haven House cornhole tournament at Trophy Brewing on May 22nd.  Arena today.

Prayer requests included praise for shooting a gobbler.

Baby Farley took us out.

Mini-Kotters to Orwell.  Goes without saying brother – great to see you back in the gloom.  Keep it up.