I expected somewhat smaller numbers going in to this morning and I was right.  Was it the rain?  Busy season?  The Ma Bell mesa-err pyramid?  I don’t know but 9 PAX picked up their lunch pail, put on their hardhat, kissed their M, waved to their 2.0s and punch the BO clock even on a holiday like today.

YHC audibled out the gate as we noticed a possible cartsack by Grease.  PAX ran to pick him up at his car.  I would not be surprised if Grease later gets on Google and gives BO a 5 star review, just sayin’.

Run to bank to circle up for warm ups

Warm Ups

  • #SignatureMove IC X 10
  • Seal Jacks IC X 10
  • #SignatureMove2 (Cotton Pickers) IC X 10
  • Fazio IC X 10 X 10

The Thang

Cinco de Mayo is 5/5 so my amazing beautiful mind was up all night writing on windows with markers plotting this #beatdown.  I came up with, wait for it… 5 sets of exercises at the bank and 5 sets of exercises at the parking lot, making it 5 and 5, 5/5, Cinco/Cinco.  You might need to reread that.  Like I said, it was pretty advanced stuff.  So here we go

(5) Cinco de Banco

Split up in 1s and 2s flap jacking each exercise below

  1. 25 wide grip urkins / sprint around the bank.
  2. 25 dips / clown parade the concrete light thingys (running the circle jumping up and over the lights)  We did 2 sets of this.
  3. 25 box jumps / maktar djais AMRAP (unc guy, not googling how to spell it…)
  4. 25 box top quick feet  /  balls to the wall
  5. 25 derkins  /  sprint around the bank

(5) Cinco de Aparcamento (Googled it)

  1. Partner sprints to end for AMRAP burpees / Partner 2 bear crawls
    25 patty cake planks (with parnter)
    …..PAX wait for YHC to pull out the weinke.  can’t remember what the heck is next.  YHC reads it, STILL can’t figure out what his beautiful mind had planned.  This was quite possibly the longest delay in Q history.  (*See announcements for Q school sign up, YCH…)….OK
  2. Spring down and back  /  Partner 2 CDD AMRAP x 5
  3. Partner carry / 5 BROPEES!!  x 5
  4. Lunge walk down  /  monkey humpers AMRAP
  5. Plank indian bear crawl run down parking lot…that fell apart so bear crawl back and be done with it.

That’s all we had left, we were gassed.  Closed out with 25 American Hammers IC.

Praises and Prayers
– Grease’s M has some pretty good improvements to praise!
– Grease’s mom’s coworker battling cancer and needs prayers


  • Props to Chinese Downhill for stepping up from the start!  He’s hurting but knocked out 3 posts so far this week.  Great addition to the PAX, brother!
  • Nabisco, is that how you pronounce it?  Yeah some guy that goes by Nabs posted.  #Kotters
  • The better halves, Coney and Goose, reppin without their sidekicks this AM ~ The Gwizz Kid and Hokemon
  • #TCLAPS for Hhhhhhhermes posting at his second AO.  Hope to see him tomorrow but he looked pretty pale leaving this AM
  • Small crowds can be nice sometimes.  You actually can call out exercises without half the guys asking “how many?” “where to?” “when what?”.
  • Or maybe this was just le creme de la creme.
  • OK
  • Now get a load
  • of this…
  • We talked tshirt design and I don’t know if I was drunk or high or what in the 2015s but basically TP explained the current design is as follows:
  • A dogwood flower with the possible term, “Capex” as our name.
  • ‘scuse me?
  • Capex?  What that?
  • A flower?  And you’re gonna tell me it actually looks cool?  I’ll have to sees it before I beleives is.
  • I might rather have Callahan’s screenshots of Google Maps with lines to the AOs.
  • Remember those?  I was an F3 young buck so I bit my tongue when those flooded my inbox but wow man.  Thanks for the input there Calli.  And I think that was when you had a job too!
  • #TooSoon?
  • My bad, re-biting my tongue…

Shut-In of Capex, OUT!