Another steamfest in Cary to end the work week. Burt was in Friday form driving some new vehicle with the musical stylings of Eminem being blasted out of his car windows as he arrived. The collective mood was lifted as the suck was about to begin.

No FNG’s so the 14 took off on a quick loop around the parking lot. Circle up for 12x good mornings, mtn climbers, merkens, SF arm circles.

Jog down to area near first bridge. Partner Up. P1 takes off around field loop and does 20x merkens at first split and jogs up hill and 30x merkens at 2nd split and back to start. P2’s stay at start and perform LBC’s until P1 returns. Flapjack. Plankhold x 10 around the group.Next, P1 runs opposite way and does 20xCDD’s at first split and 30x CDD’s at 2nd split and jog back to start. P2’s perform 6″ leg hold until P1’s return. Flapjack. Plankhold x 10 around the group. Again, same route as the first time with 15x merkens at both splits. P2’s box cutters until partner returns. Flapjack. Finally, opposite route with 15x CDD’s at both splits. P2’s AH’s until return and flapjack.

Lunge walk bridge and 10x plankhold around group. Burt was telling about a great fundraiser idea at this point. Ill allow him to elaborate. It could take off though. Jog up hill to lower parking lot. Partners perform 100x merkens total. One does merkens until tired and other does LBC’s. Next, same as the first except with CDD’s and WWII sit ups. Jog up and around back to start. Circle up and 25x Freddie Mercs, 25x 6″ leg hold, 25x reverse box cutters, 25x plankjacks.

COT and Burt took us out.

Great to lead such and esteemed group of men this am.


NM….Callahan wants YHC and himself to start a workout video series…interesting. Burt was fired up. Billy had a zinger that caught Burt flatfooted. Good stuff.