The call for a PAX of invisible shirt was laid out via the Tweeter box the night before the workout. Many showed up (22 Pax in total) but few answered the IS bell. Regardless, we ran and we missed our time hack (my bad). We all blame Villa because it makes sense. Let’s see what these fine men did this morning:

-Run to Northbrook
-Stop at the bank. Withdraw some SSH, GM and Windmills.
-Run to North Hills Drive. Circle back to the six so everyone finishes at the same time. 25 Swiss Merkins. #tipofthecap #chocolate
-Run to Lead Mine. Circle back. 25 Swiss prisoner squats. #that’snotathing #makesnosense
-Run to Millbrook. Circle back. Get big rig to sound it’s horn. 25 Little man jumping jacks. #burt
-Run to Six Forks. Circle back. Brutal. Zero of anything. Time expired. Sprint back to the car.
-Finish at the Panera Breads parking lot at North Hills.


Miles covered – 7 to 8 depending on your circling. The loop is a little over 6 miles. Honest 10K.

Naked moleskin:
-Ron Mexico brought waters for everyone after the work-out. Amazing! Munson would have loved it if he actually showed up at a Friday workout. #wolfrun
-Villa complained that YHC had a turrible plan for Tahoe due to the size of the PAX. Villa. You and that man beard of yours.
-Ben Johnson shot out of a cannon on the run to Six Forks. #headup #shouldersback
-Chippendale seemed really excited about the Invisible shirts. Being a basketball guy, I’d have thought that was a thing for him. #shirtsskins
-Fazio brought his scarf to the work-out this morning. Keep your neck warm in June. Good thinking.
-Pepe is your Q at Whiplash tomorrow. Show up.

-Fourth of July convergence is at NCMA. Blue Crush, Les and Chong are the Qs. Do it. #merica

-Duffy family. Daughter had a re-occurrence of Leukemia.
-Flatline (surgery), Chinese Downhill (son) and Spin class (brother).

Tahoe is a great workout and always love the fellowship. Thanks for the honor of letting me take the reins for a week.