Disney opened early with ECers getting in a couple miles. YHC came out of the dark into the parking lot with 30 seconds to spare as the props were put into place on the turf. It has been a while since I have led the PAX so I tried not to disappoint. Muggy and near 70 degrees, no FNG’s, 0530 and it’s go time.

Started out with a lap around the fields then entered the gate back at the start to go onto the turf. We continues the warm ups with a box of carioca and squatted slides around half the soccer field. Someone took out the bleacher on the way with their shin. Once back at the start, we did some quick feet over the white line then onto the one legged cone jumps. Repeat the QF and cones and then circle up.

Warm Ups
SSH x30 increasing speed half way
Leg stretches
Squatted Morroccan Night Clubs x25
Upper body stretches
Slalom Merkins x20 (both feet hop left to right on the up)

Turf time
Line up on sidelines. Cones were placed mid way. Call an exercise to half point then sprint remainder of field.
High skips then sprint. Monkey humpers x30 at opposite side.
Lunge with knees touching turf then sprint. Dips at bleachers x30
Broad jump burpees then sprint. Plank Jax x25
YHC called for PAX on their bellys. On GO, sprint entire field.

Abyss time
PAX moseyed over the the stairs. Each person grabbed a platform. Facing down the stairs, PAX was to bear crawl down or crawl bear up. Complete 5 merkins on each platform. The modifications came early for everyone on this including YHC. Shoulders were smoked.
Two lines at top of stairs. Deep squats on each step down to the bottom. Squat hold at bottom for the six.
Frog jumps to the top on each step. Legs were gone at this point.
Mosey back to shelter area

One-legged balls to the wall merkins. PAX performed 5 merkins with right leg off then left leg off while holding BTTW for both sets.
Low slow flutter x20
Rince and repeat 1-legged BTTW merkins.
Box cutters x20
Heels to heaven x20
Five minutes left but PAX was done.

June 9 2nd F picnic, vote for slack or FB ends Friday, Rugged Maniac event Saturday
Clay is doing well with treatments, Avery passed away (5 YR old girl), LabRat travels and grandparent, Java job hunting, others.

COT and Prayer led by YHC

Awesome job today men! Forgot how difficult it is to breath while cadence counting. Glad to be back in the Q seat. Solid work, seize the day.

BS Out!