I was called upon to help out a fellow Q. I was anticipating a Q in the coming weeks but I was glad to step in on short notice.  My first post was two months ago almost to the day.  Its been a great journey so far and glad to take it to the next level.

First post:

The Thang:

  • Jog around path and back to parking lot
  • SSH in Cadence
  • Merkins in Cadence
  • Windmills in Cadence
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Jump Squats with SSH in Cadence
  • Mosey to field
  • Two Groups
    • 1s (1 lap1) Cones
      • Sprint Down, Side Shuffle Right, Sprint Up, Side Shuffle Left
      • Sprint Down, Side Shuffle Right, High Knee Skip, Side Shuffle Left
      • Sprint around all four corners
      • Sprint around all four corners
    • 2s (Until other group finishes lap)
      • Jumping Lunges
      • Merkins
      • Squat Hold
      • Swiss Merkins
  • 60 Second Chillcut or 10 count around horn
  • 15 x In cadence ChillSpiders
  • Everyone bring a rock over to picnic tables
    • 3 Rounds
      • 10 x in Cadence Lay on bench for Rock Row + Superman
      • Balls to Wall 10 count
      • 20 Jump-Ups OYO (skipped last round)
  • Bring rocks back
  • Mosey back to field
    • Sprint all you got across field to other cones….jog it back
    • Once everyone is back….sprint again….jog it back
    • Sprint Down, Jog Right, Sprint Up, Jog Right while collecting cones 😉
  • Bring it to the middle of the field
    • WWII Sit-Ups
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • LBC
    • Slow Freddie Mercury
    • Low Slow Flutter
    • Rosalita
    • Chillcut Hold

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  • Maize…there have been so many slow pitches right down the middle regarding Wilson that I have decided to quit hitting them, as I am having a bunch of guilt about it.

  • Well done Cold Stone, Swiss Merkins are a keeper for sure. When you made a fern reference I knew you’d been reading up. Thank you for including the BB link from your first post as well, MacGruber & I particularly enjoyed the pearl that you thought it was Wilson’s first Q that morning…..chime on in Orwell.

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